Special Memories

For our Special Seniors’ Day, we collected wrote down some of our favourite memories of our favourite people. Here is a selection:


My memory

My memory is of my neighbour. She is friendly and lived close to us. Her name is Mary Doocey. I went with my mom to her house nearly everyday. I like her house because it’s nice. I would help her do stuff. I still go to her sometimes.
She went to Inver School when she was young. She is now 90 years old. She told me she has never left Ireland. We went for walks down the road everyday and she would tell me stories from when she was young. They had to sometimes walk to school in bare foot. The pupils missed loads of days then because their feet were too sore or it was too cold to walk. I would help my mom make dinner for her and I would make a cup of tea for her sometimes.
By Alison

My special memory

My special memory is of my great nanny called Margaret Lannon. My great nanny died on the 11th of February 2008. She was 102 years old when she died. My great nanny lived in Barnacullew, in Pullatomas when the landslid happened. She and her daughter were in the house when it happened. She was famous because she was the oldest person that rescue people had to rescue. They had to get a helicoptor to bring her down but she refused to go on it.
The most special thing I did with my nanny was for her 102nd birthday party when all my cousins came home from Scotland and Donegal. There was a very big crowd at the party. We ate loads of food and drank lots too. We stayed up around 1 or 2 o’clock. We had my uncles band playing at the party and we danced all the night. I am sure my nanny enjoyed the night.
My second favourite memory is when my nanny and I went for a walk up to the spring well to get some spring water for our tea and walked all the way back again to the house.
These are my two special memories of my nanny.
By Leanne

My special senior

My special senior is my nanny. My special thing she did was on my birthday when she gave me lots of sweets and clothes. I felt very happy when she gave me the sweets and clothes. I shared some of my sweets with my special senior. For her birthday I am going to give her a very special present!
By Ava.

My special senior

One of my favourite memories of spending time with a senior citizen is the day my Granddad and I went fishing together. I was spending the weekend at my grandparent’s house, so first thing in the morning, my Nan prepared a huge picnic for us. She made us a flask of tea, lots of sandwiches and fancy cakes. We went out into the lake and when we were a good bit out, Granddad showed me how to bait my hook. After a while, we still had no fish, so we decided we would have our picnic. We rowed as far as an island in the middle of the lake. We had a lovely lunch and then we lay in the sun. After an hour or two, we went back to the fishing, but we got nothing that time either. When we got ashore, Granddad went into a shop and bought a packet of fish fingers. The look on Nan’ face was priceless when we told her that was all we caught.
By Matthew

My Special Senior

My special senior is my granny because me and my granny used to have great fun together.
My special memory with my granny is walking with her dog along the beach. We used to drive back behind town to Cross Beach and when we would get to the beach, we would get the dog out of the car. We would put the dog on a leash. When we got down to the beach we let the dog go and he would go straight into the water I would throw the ball out into the water and he would go get it.
Then when we were going home the dog would just jump into the car and soak all the seats. That’s my favourite memory of my granny.
The End.
By Caolan

Special Memory

My special senior is my granny. My special memory is when we went down her field with my dog Pippy. One day during the Summer holidays my granny and I went down her field. We had a lot of fun. My dog , Pippy , knocked me over a few times. We laughed a lot. We walked to the bottom of the field.
There were a few banks at the end of the field so we crossed them. When we had crossed the banks we were at the seashore. We had a lot of fun at the seashore too. We had a long walk. Eventually it was time to go back to her house. I was sad but when we got back to her house we played some games. When we were finished playing we went inside for something nice to eat.
By Amy
Special Memory

My special memory was with my Nanny. It was when I stayed at her and Grandads
house for a few days. We did lots of different things.

First we went out to Nannys garden and watered the plants and after we planted some flowers. I enjoyed that and I think Nanny enjoyed it too.
The next day Nanny and I baked some boxty. Nanny is very good at cooking especially boxty. I had a great time baking it. When it was done Nanny, Grandad and I had some. It was lovely. I had the best time ever and I am so lucky to have a lovely Nanny and Grandad.
By Lisa