January 25

Seachtain Na Scoileanna Caitliceacha – Catholic Schools Week 2015

Beidh Seachtain Na Scoileanna Caitliceacha á cheiliúradh ar feadh na seachtaine anseo. Tugann an ceiliúradh bliantúil den oideachas Caitliceach seo deis dúinn ar fad, bheith feasach ar an gcion tairbhe uathúil a dhéanann na scoileanna don tsochaí Éireannach. Is é téama na bliana seo ná Scoileanna Caitliceacha: Gairm Fhreastail.

All this week, our school will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week. This annual celebration of Catholic education gives us all the opportunity to be more aware of the unique contribution that our Catholic schools make to Irish life. Our theme this year is Catholic Schools: Called to Serve.

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January 25

Seachtain na Scoileanna Caitliceacha – Catholic Schools Week 2014

Roghnaíodh an téama An Scoil Chaitliceach: Lárionad Creidimh agus Foghlama don bhliain 2014 chun aird a dhíriú ar an bhfíoras go dtarlaíonn an t-oideachas i gcomhthéacs na mbunluachanna fiúntais. Ciallaíonn sé seo go gcaithfear luachanna fiúntais a mhúineadh, agus ní oideachas é bheith ag scaipeadh fíoras. I rith Sheachtain na Scoileanna Caitliceacha beidh féiniúlacht á chomóradh ag na scoileanna Caitliceacha.
Tuilleadh eolais ag: http://www.catholicschools.ie/2013/12/06/catholic-schools-week/

Catholic Schools: Places of Faith and Learning was chosen as the theme for 2014 to highlight that all learning takes place in a values context. This means that all education involves an education in values; in other words, education is never simply about transmitting simple facts. During CSW, Catholic schools will celebrate their identity. More details at: http://www.catholicschools.ie/2013/12/06/catholic-schools-week/

December 14

Mad Hair

Bhí spraoi ag gach duine inniú nuair a thóg muid páirt i Mad Hair Day.
Every wore their hair in a funny style and donated 50c to help the children in the Philippines who were affected by Typhoon Haiyan. You can get more information about Mad Hair Day and Children Helping Children at

Here is how we looked:

December 5

Random Acts of Kindness for Advent

Photo 06-12-2013 13 25 51We have been doing random acts of kindness as part of our Advent preparation. We have been watching and noticing people doing acts of kindness for others. This is what we have recorded in our classroom so far:

Orla and Ava cleaned the table and wiped it down without being asked to.

Ava helped me look for my maths copy without being asked to.

Kian offered to hang up the prayers on the tree.

Lisa helped me collect the copies and

Grace offered  Orla a hand with the stapling.

Seamus helped me collect the copies.

Lisa offered to collect the equipment.

Ava helped to get Shannon up when she helped.

Ailish helped me when I tripped.

Sophie offered to help Rosaleen instead of Niall.

Sophie and Roisin offered to get the icepack for me.

Ailish and Orla helped me up when I fell.

Lisa helped Grace up when she fell over.

Amy helped me up when I fell. J

Grace Shannon & Shauna offered to help me staple the sheets together

Lisa helped me up when I fell

Ailish asked to help me when I was giving out the sheets J J J

Sophie and Roisin helped Shannon when she hurt her leg

Sophie helped me look for my braclet

Orla and Amy offered to bring out Ailish’s and Lisa’s ipads

Ailish offered to get my book. J

Amy offered to get my i-Pad.

Shannon got my i-Pad

Orla and lisa offered to help Ava give out the copies. J

Ava helped Shauna when she was stuck on the i-Pad

Shannon offered to bring in Orla and my i-Ppad. Thank you Shannon J J

Shannon offered to bring in my Ipad thx Shannon J

Ava offered to write down my homework thx Ava J

Ava offered to write down my homework too

Seamus offered to bring in my ipad

Liam brought in my i-pad without me asking

Ava and Rosaleen offered to clean up the mess on the floor

Orla offered to put my chair back. J J J

Lisa offered to put orla’s chair up.

Lisa offered to put up my chair thx lisa J

Lisa put my chair up Ava

Amy put my folder into my bag










May 14

My First Holy Communion

On Sunday I did my First Holy Communion. We had lots of things to do before the big day. We had to do prayers and do lots of practices. Liam did it as well. My Mom’s friend came up and did my hair. When it was finished it was lovely. Then I put on my dress and Mom said I looked fantastic. When I went to the church, my teacher said I looked fabulous. After mass we took lots of pictures. Then we all went to the community centre and had lots of yummy sweets. After we went to Gateway and Liam went to the hotel. We had a great day.
By Róisín

March 13

An Coineartú

Ar an Domhnach bhí an Coineartú ag mo dheathair. Ar a dó dheag a chlog chuaigh mé ar Aifrean. Tar eis an Aifrinn chuaigh mé go dtí an óistan. Bhi sé an mhaith. D’ith mé pasta agus cáca cháis. Bhi sé go hailainn.

Tar eis an óistan chuaigh mé go dtí teach tabhairne. Bhí séspóirt againn. Chonaic mé mo aintín agus mo cholceathar Ciara. Chuaigh me abhaile ar a dó dheag a chlog.

Tá an lá go hiontach.
Lé Lisa

March 5

Lá Spioradálta

Today I had an amazing day with Sister Patricia. We were all very excited and we were waiting for her all week so when she came we were extra excited. We did alot of cool stuff.

First we unscrambled the words that another school made and then we made an amazing jigsaw. It was so cool and we all put alot of work into it. It was bad when we all had to break it up. 🙁

After that we had an  auction. It was great I had €700 but I did not buy anything. Orla and Ava had lots of money they had over €1,000 they bought something.

After break when we came back into the middle room the blinds were closed, the lights wee off and we sat down one by one very gently. It was lovely we had a little bit of quiet time and in the end we said a lovely prayer.I had an amazing day and I know I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.