Incredible Edibles Initiative 21/22


This year and as an integrated part of our Wellbeing plan we are taking part in the Incredible Edibles Initiative.

Incredible Edibles is a curriculum linked healthy eating and growing initiative for primary school students. It encourages pupils to get busy sowing, growing, cooking and eating fruit, vegetables and herbs through a hands-on and engaging learning experience.

The aims of the project is simple:

Educate students about growing fruit and vegetables.

Increase awareness of food origin, identifying and supporting Irish grown produce, while looking after the environment.

Highlight the importance of consuming 5-7 fruit and vegetables daily for a healthy balanced diet.

We look forward to completing our tasks and learning lots more about Irish grown produce .

Task 1 Learn about food origin.

Task 1 Incredible Edibles – Food Origin

Task 2 Identify Irish fruit and veg when shopping

Task 2 Incredible Edibles

Task 3 Planting and growing the 7 incredible edibles.

Task 3 Growing!

Task 4 Preparation and cooking at home/school.

Task 4 Preparing and Cooking -Life skills

Task 5 Incredible Edible Healthy eating week.(May 9th – 13th)Recording consumption of potato, veg,  fruit, herbs with the aim of eating 7 portions a day throughout the week.

Task 5 Healthy Eating Week



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