September 2

Wellbeing- The Amber Flag Initiative

‘Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day’    Dalai Lama

Following numerous years of success with initiatives such as the Green Flag and the Active Flag, within our school, we have decided to focus on promoting positive Mental Wellbeing over the next number of years.

In order to promote positive mental health and well-being  we have decided to take part in the Amber Flag Initiative. This involves the whole school community coming together in other to create a safe, positive and healthy attitude towards our general physical and mental health and well-being

It is recognised in studies that positive mental health and well-being enables young people to lead fulfilling lives.

Home and family are recognised as the primary source of nurturing and support for children. However, mental health and well-being are recognised as everyone’s concern and involves the whole school community, parents/guardians and others involved in day to day school life.

Positive mental health for children is part of their overall health and is inextricably linked with Wellbeing.

Please see below helpful documents on

How to calm and support your child


Anxiety and Stress in Children


Wellbeing Poster Competition October 2021

Check out all the wonderful posters the children of Inver N.S. designed to show their understanding of Mental Health and Wellbeing. Well done boys and girls!

Introducing our Amber Committee

  • Erin Mills 6th Class
  • Kayla Ginnelly 5th class
  • Rhían King McGrath  4th class
  • Lorcán Keenaghan 3rd class
  • Peyton O Donnell 3rd class
  • Feagan Cullotty  2nd class
  • Paddy Doocey 1st class
  • Abbie Bourne Senior Infants

These children will be the ‘voices’ of the children in their classrooms and will also inform their class of decisions made by the committee, in the future.

They will help organise the timetable for Wellbeing week and a fundraiser (involving the whole community) both of which will  happen in Springtime when weather is better.

An Amber noticeboard has been set up in school and the winning posters have been displayed.

To commence the  Wellbeing initiative, each class will take part in the Fyffesfitsquad challenge, in school time, between now and April. Exercise and movement breaks have a significant  impact on mental wellbeing and we look forward to getting in some extra movement breaks between now and April. You can check out the site to read more information about it …there are some lovely recipies on there also!


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