Guidelines for Sub/New Teacher

Welcome Pack/ Guidelines
for New, Visiting & Substitute Teachers

Inver N.S. has 3 classroom teachers and 1 S.E.T catering for boys and girls, from Jnr. Infants to Sixth class.

Staff are as follows:

Principal: Diane Cosgrove.
Class teachers: Deborah Tyrrell, Lisa Carey
SET Parttime ; Lorraine Garvin
School Secretary: Martina Ginnelly

Special Needs Assistants Paula Carey

Chairperson of the Board of Management: Geraldine Walsh

Please provide the following details prior to starting work:
• Copy of your teaching qualification certificate/Garda vetting etc.
• PPS Number
• Contact details of relevant recent employers for reference checking.

General Guidelines

• Where possible, work completed during class should be corrected

• Roll Book: Ask Principal or other teacher to help fill in the roll book.

• Leave any letter/notes addressed to the teacher in the office. If children have money send them to the secretary’s office.

• Please follow the scheme of work left by the class teacher. If in doubt, consult with the teacher in the room nearest to you – ‘less is more!’

• If the class teacher has not left work then the following is most suitable –
a) Revision work
b) Poems and songs in English and Irish
c) Artwork.

• Unqualified substitute teachers should consult other members of staff/Principal in relation to any problems that arise

• If you are replacing a SEN teacher, consult briefly with the class teacher to arrange what work should be covered with each child/group

• If you are involved in a discussion or you overhear anything about another child or staff member, this must be kept confidential

• School opens : 9.20 am
Break : 11.00-11.10 a.m.
Lunch : 12.30-1.00p.m.
School finishes : Infants – 2.00pm – Other classes – 3.00pm.

Quick Reference Guide to the School


Art materials: stored in classes.

Serious accidents (head injuries) must be recorded using accident forms located inside exit door, inform principal and parents.

Breaks: 11a.m. and 12.30p.m.
Food eaten indoors.
Litter must be placed in bins.
Teachers’ yard supervision rota made out for both breaks. Available in office.

Circulars: named & given to the eldest member of each family.

Running in the corridors is not allowed; pupils should stand back to allow adults enter or exit doors at all times.

Work assignments: Worksheets, workbooks and resource sheets available in classroom. Photocopy as necessary.

Scéim Oibre an Mhúnteora: A copy of Class Teachers work plan is available on teachers desk.

Fire Drill: held once a term. Familiarise yourself with fire extinguisher nearest your classroom and your assembly station in the yard.

First Aid: kept in staff room; must be administered by an adult

All weather grass is used on a rota basis. Timetable available on active board in hall and in class room.

Community Hall available for PE during bad weather. Consult Principal before leaving school grounds. PE equipment available in PE store just inside entrance door.

Homework: usually set on Mon., Tues., Wed., & Thurs. nights

School Hours: 9.20a.m. to 3.00p.m. (2pm for Infants)

Medication: see policy on administration of medicine.

If a child leaves school early, Aladdin needs to be adjusted.

Parents: names & addresses & phone numbers kept in office.
All changes in address/ telephone numbers to be given to Secretary.

Part-time teachers: Wednesday-Tin Whistle – From 1pm to 2.15pm
GAA Skills Friday 11am – 12.20pm (6/8 week session)
Gymnastics – 6/8 session after Easter Monday 10am – 12pm

Payments: Make sure all relevant forms are signed

Personal days: Sub cover approved by BOM;


R Rota for Yard activities available in classroom and on Active board.

Staff absences: Covered by Sub when possible.

Playground Supervision: Teacher on duty, list on noticeboard in staffroom

Staff meetings; Wednesdays usually (Flexible)

Staff room: wash cups, leave tidy,

Whiteboard in Staff Room carries all current information of upcoming events

Supervision timetable on Notice Board.

Incident forms available at entrance door to teacher on duty.

Resources and equipment available in Office / Teacher Classroom

School Rules: School rules are to be strictly adhered to-ask for a copy if you need one

Telephone: pupils must get permission from teacher to use phone.

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