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Middle Room – ✨✨Our first week back 2021✨✨


Our first week has flown by! This week we focused on revision in Maths and practised our mental Maths addition and subtraction using playing cards. It was lots of fun. Our focus for cómhrá Gaeilge was Mé Féin and will continue to be for the next few weeks . In SPHE we recapped our class rules and how to show kindness and respect to ourselves and others. We also started a ‘getting to know each other’ activity which will be completed over the coming week. In doing so we brainstormed lots of verbs and adjectives.  Children participated in Buddy Reading, morning riddles and puzzles, word of the day  and we practised good presentation when writing. Our PE focus was basketball skills and as a special reward we had extra time out on Friday for a couple of games of dodgeball. The biggest challenge was dodging the midgets!!! The children enjoyed some fun sensory time with kinetic sand and we listened to a little bit of our Novel Charlotte’s Web to finish each day. Looking forward to an exciting week ahead as we await  the All Ireland Final!

💚🧡🙏MaighEo  Abú!!  D. Tyrrell



A local celebrity comes to visit!


Matthew Doocey came to our school on Wednesday. Matthew won an All Ireland trophy with Our Lady’s Secondary school. They won the trophy recently.

Matthew was in back for the team. The team won by 3 points.

The colour of the flag is yellow and red. Matthew has now won 2 All-Ireland trophiwa. The team has won this competition five times.

Matthew said the players they were up against were taller than them but his team worked hard and they won.

I got to hold the trophy and I got picture with Matthew with the whole school.

from Kyle’s Blog

On Wednesday Matthew Doocey recently popped in to the school to show us the trophy that Our Lady’s Secondary School in Belmullet won.

The trophy was won for Gaelic football and it was an All-Ireland trophy. The other team that they were playing against was Offaly.

Our Lady’s Secondary School won by 3 goals, I think. 

From Laoise’s Blog

Maigheo do Sam 2016


Tá Maigh Eo i gcluiche ceannais na h-Éireann i mbliana. Beidh siad ag imirt in aghaidh Baile Átha Cliath ar 19ú Mean Fomhair 2016. Tá súil againn go mbeidh an bua ag Maigh Eo mar níor bhuaigh siad cluiche ceannais na h-Éireann ó 1951. Tá píosa ón gcluiche sin le feiceáil thíos.

Contae Mhaigheo i gcoinne Contae na Mí 1951:

Píosa ar stair an CLG

All Ireland Fever in Inver National School


See Amy and Sophie’s Mayo animation in Scratch.

Look at Shauna and Róisín’s animation of the Mayo match:

Up Mayo! Look what we made in Scratch!


Kian and Seamus are avid Mayo fans:

Shauna and Grace hope Mayo win on Sunday.

Waiting for Sam


Waiting for Sam
One word can describe how I feel about the match, excited! I am hoping Mayo will win the match. I wish I was going, the atmosphere would be great!

I think that Mayo will win the match, 2-9 to 1-8. If Mayo do win, Dublin won’t give up without a fight. Dublin seem to be favourites this year so it might be good for the Mayo team and Dublin might expect they will win and end up not properly playing.

As most people know we beat Dublin last year in the semi-finals. We also haven’t won since 1951, which is almost 63 years! I feel like this year is our year!

Go Mayo! By Amy

Waiting for Sam

Mayo and Dublin are in the All Ireland Final. We have been waiting for a few
weeks now until the match.

We’ve all been so supportive. The other day we had a Mayo day and everyone had
green and red everywhere.

Mayo haven’t won the Sam Maguire for 62 years now. People say that they are
cursed because the last time they won they started beeping outside a funeral. But
I don’t believe it.

Everyone is so excited. I can’t wait till Sunday.
By Sophie

Waiting for Sam

Mayo are in the All- Ireland final against Dublin on the 22-09-2013.

Mayo have a better team this year than any other year. They are more fit and plays better football. Aidan and Seamus O’Shea are playing better in midfield, and can get good scores.

Chris Barrett is in the panel and plays in half-backs. He scored two good points when they were playing Tyrone.

There’s rumours going around that Mayo are cursed. The last time Mayo won Sam in 1951 they passed a church, and they were beeping outside a church while a funeral was on.

I hope Mayo can win Sam Maguire and bring it back where it belongs.

By Niall

Waiting for Sam.

Mayo are in the All Ireland final this year again. I can’t wait until 22/9/13 because that is when Mayo are playing against Dublin.

Me and my family are going to the match because we got tickets. We hope they won’t give up and bring Sam back to Mayo.

It has been over 62 years since Mayo have won. I hope Mayo win this year and bring Sam to our school.

Chris Barrett is in half –back so we hope he scores again we could be in the lead against Dublin. I hope Andy Moran will lift the Sam McGuire.

By Orla

Waiting For Sam
This Sunday Mayo are in the All Ireland final against the Dubs. Mayo have not won the Sam Maguire for 62 years. They got to the
final last year against Donegal but they lost. I went to the semi-final and they played really good. I really hope Mayo win. Up Mayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

! Waiting For Sam !

This Sunday is the All- Ireland final Mayo vs. Dublin. I’m so excited. Mom and Dad have tickets already but we didn’t get any. We don’t know where we are staying yet, but we don’t care as long as Mayo win.

Mayo hadn’t won since 1951 so I think it would be awesome if we won. I’m so excited and hope that Mayo bring the Sam back home!!!

!!By Ailish!!

Waiting For Sam

I am so excited about the match on Sunday. I really really hope Mayo will win and bring Sam back to his real home.

I think it would be really good if Mayo won, because they have not won it since 1951.

I do not believe in ‘The Curse’ and I don’t think any of the Mayo team should either, and I hope they don’t give up and think that the curse is at them.

Hopefully Mayo will come home
with the Sam.

C’mon Mayo!
By Lisa

Waiting for Sam
Im so exited for the match this Sunday. If Mayo win it will be amazing. My cousin Chriss Barret is playing on the Mayo team and hes good player. I really hope they win. UP MAYO.
By Róisín

Waiting for SAM
I feel very exited for the match next Sunday. I hope Mayo wins the match because they haven’t won since 1951 so it will be great if they win.

Dublin are very tough so it will be a tight match, but Mayo might just win.
Up Mayo!
By Shauna

Waiting for Sam

Mayo and Dublin are in the All Ireland Final. We have been waiting for a few
weeks now until the match.

We’ve all been so supportive. The other day we had a Mayo day everyone had
green and red everywhere.

Mayo haven’t won the Sam Maguire for 62 years now. People say that they are
cursed because the last time they won they started beeping outside a funeral. But
I don’t believe it.

Everyone is so excited I can’t wait till Sunday.
BY Sophie

Waiting For Sam

Mayo are in the All- Ireland Final. I am waiting for Sam to come back to Mayo .
Mayo are playing the dubs in the final. We haven’t won Sam since 1951. My brother has tickets. I think we can win Sam this year. O’Connor might be injured but I hope he will be fit to win the match.
Mayo are going to win the match. I will be watching in it McGuire’s. Maigh Eo Abú! Come on Mayo!

By Seamus

Lá dearg agus glas- Maigh Eo Abú! Green and Red Day -Up Mayo


Cumann Lúthchleas Gael (CLG) § Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA)


Bunaíodh an Cumann Lúthchleas Gael ar an gcéad lá de Mhí Shamhna 1884 i nDurlas Eile, Contae Tiobraid Arann. Theastaigh ón gcumann cluichí Gaelacha a chur chun cinn.

The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) was founded on 1 November 1884 in Thurles, Co. Mayo. Its aim was to promote Gaelic games.


There is lots more information about the GAA and Croke Park here.

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Ar ais ar scoil and looking forward to Sam § Back to school agus ag tnúth le Sam


Tá muid ar ais ar scoil anois agus bhí an-samhradh againn.
We are delighted to be back at school again and we are all very excited about the All-Irleand Football Final. We would like a result that is similar to the 1951 match.

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