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Blackberry and Apple Crumble – Crumble sméir agus úll


On Thursday myself and my class made a blackberry and apple crumble. It was mouth wateringly delicious.

First the teacher washed the berries. Than she told us to wash our hands. (Our teacher had washed her hand already).

After she told Seamus and Amy to sort out the berries because some of them were still a bit red and bitter. Than she asked myself, Ailish and Ava to cut off the skins and mash the apples. Than she told the other groups to make the crumble out of flour, butter and sugar.

Next some of the students sprinkled some of the crumble over the berries and we decorated the top of the pie with some apples and berries. They looked delicious.

We put them in the oven for over 20 minutes. Ava and I offered to clean the dishes. I spotted a bit of steam coming out of the little oven and you could smell the pie beginning to burn. The first pie was cooked and ready to eat! Yummm!

We let the other pie cook for another few mins to let it get a bit crispy. The pies were too nice. We all got 2 pices. Seamus got 3! Haha!! He loved it.

The pies were really nice. The recipe will be on our blog

I hope you liked reading my story.

The End.

By Orla

Inne rinneamar crumble smeir agus ull
Ar dtus nigh muid ár lamha agus na sméara.
Chuir muid úlla, siucra agus braon uisce sa mhicro-oigheann ar feadh cupla noiméad. Chuir muid i mias iad leis
na sméara.
Ansin, rinnemar an crumble le plúr, im agus siucra. Chuir muid an meascán ar bharr na hulla agus smeara. Chuir muid an mais san oigeann ar feadh fiche noinead.
Bhí an crumble go halainn.
le Amy

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“Blackberry and Apple Crumble – Crumble sméir agus úll”

  1. October 3rd, 2014 at 2:44 pm       Lisa Says:

    That was lovely 👍❤️

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