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Na boilb agus an cabáiste


Chuir muid ár gcabáiste agus fataí san Earrach. Féach                                     Anois, tá an cabaiste réidh le n-ithe. Ach féach, tháinig na boilb ar cuairt agus taitníonn an cabáiste go mór leo. Tá an-suim ag na daltaí sna boilb […]

Active Schools Week~ Seachtain Scoile Ghníomhaí


This week is active schools week. Active schools week is when all week you do a lot of sports and compete against each other in finals. We already did: Sacair (soccer), Rugbaí (rugby) and we are doing Iománaíocht (hurling) and Zumba today. Tomorrow we are doing Cishpeil (Basketball) and Peil Gaelach (Gaelic). On Friday we […]

End of year History Projects


  We used the Stop Motion App to make the following history stories: All this week and last week we all were doing history projects on Stop Motion. I did it on Dinosaurs. I did my project with Danny and it was about a long-neck and a t-rex. The project tells the story of how […]



Yesterday Declan the scientist came to our school. He showed us some cool things: he rolled a can on the floor and it came back all the way back to him. After we tried to guess what happened and nobody got it right. Then he told us how he said there was a weight in […]

Declan from Science Ireland


The last day we had a man called Declan come to our school. Declan is a scientist. He did lots of things with us. He usually tricked us to believing one thing when it actual something else is happening. He showed us that there is more sugar in a can of Coke than Pepsi and […]

An Chéad Comaoineach


        Rinne na páistí i Rang a Dó a gCéad Comaoineach ag an deireadh seachtaine. Bhí siad go h-iontach ar fad. Bhí cupan tae deas ag gach duine tar éis an Aifrinn.

Ag an trá


                                                                    Inne chuaigh ár rang sios go dtí an trá chun rang ealaine a bheith againn.   Bhí buicead agus spaid ag […]

Review of “Once” by Morris Gleitzman


The story of Once, by Morris Gleitzman, tells the tale of a Jewish boy living in Poland around the time of The Holocaust 1939-1945. (The Holocaust was a time in history where the leader of Germany was a man called Adolf Hitler. Hitler and his followers the Nazis hated the Jews and set out to kill them all.) Felix is […]

Science Fair (Step 5)


                                      Today we had a science fair. We asked the parents to come in and watch us do our science experiments. Some of us went in groups of two. I went with Jack and our experiment was […]

Best Places to Visit: Learning Circle submission to Barry-USA Project:


Cross beach is a lovely place.It is about 10 km south of Belmullet on the mUllet Peninsula.The sand is nice and warm. Some times jellyfish are in the water. I go there every Sunday. Sometimes I go there and I lie down on the beach. I go there every Sunday. My uncle brings me there […]

Unique structures or buildings in our community and Early Peoples Study (Learning Circle Project- submission to Sajana-Nepal and Christine-USA))


I am writing about round towers. Round towers were usually built close to a monastery and most were built  between the 9th and 12th centuries. The Monks used them when the Viking were coming to attack them. The monks used to have a lot of treasure back then. They would have a man in a wooden […]

National Symbols- Symbols of Ireland Learning Circle submission to Olena-Ukraine Project:


National symbols of Ireland: The Irish Flag Our most important symbol is our flag. It is a tricolour: green, white and gold. The green color stands for people of Ireland who wanted an Irish nation. The orange  color stands for the British supporters of William of Orange  who settled in Northern Ireland in the 17th […]

Some wonders in our country, what makes these places unique? Learning Circle submission to Fatemeh-Iran Projectr


Standing Stones (or menhirs) Behind Siobhan’s house there is a circle of standing stones said to be from an old Irish tale telling the story of Grainne and Diarmuid It starts with Fionn, (fyunn) a great warrior and leader of an old legend warrior gang, His wife dies so he asks Grainne’s (grawn yah!) (a […]

What we do in our Free Time- submission to Linda-Texas USA Project


In my spare time I go to my nan’s house  and play with Marley. Marley is her dog. Mikey plays football in his spare time. Ava plays on her phone. and Kirsty watches TV in her spare time. Eve rewrite books in her own way. Patrick plays Gaelic football and Kyle farms in his spare […]

Cumann na mBunscol


Yesterday my class went to our first game of Cumann na mBunscol. Cumann Na mBunscol is a Gaelic football competition in which schools play against each other in the hope of becomming Cumann na mBunscol champions of the year. Yesterday we (the girls) played against Shraigh in Bangor N.S pitch and the boys played against […]

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