News from Inver National School

News and currents adventures from Inver National School, Inver, Co. Mayo

Visit to Ballycroy


Some pictures of the Senior room’s day out in Ballycroy at the National Park.

Community Links _ I.C.E. Group Beach clean up


Well done to the children in the Senior room who helped the Inver Community Enhancement Group with their recent beach clean up. As you can see from the pictures, many litter bags were filled on the day. When we work together we can make a difference!

I.C.E. Group Litter Competition


Well done to all the children who took part in the Litter poster competition organised by the I.C.E. group. You all made such a huge effort and no doubt will continue to spread the message about how important it is to look after our environment. Thank you to the I.C.E group for getting the children involved and to Anna for presenting the prizes to the winners. Congratulations to you all!

*missing winner Danny Maloney

Butterfly Goodbyes


We had great fun watching our little caterpillars transform into beautiful painted lady butterflies. Alas, it was time to say goodbye to Sky, Mary, Little flower, Missy and Frederick. We released them and waved goodbye, as we know they have such an important job to do now. Butterflies play a huge role in pollination, as do bees and wasps. So we need to look after them all, as best we can!
Our little friends will live for approximately 5 more weeks(max), laying their own little eggs elsewhere, for the cycle of life to start all over again.

Our first born BUTTERFLY



Our very first Painted Lady Butterfly has emerged from its Chrysalis. It is just getting used to its habitat right now. It will stay here for 3 days before being released with its friends. In the mean time we will feed it nectar and leave fruit and flowers for it to explore.

Caterpillars – Our fuzzy friends!


It has been really interesting so far, observing the changes that have occurred in our caterpillars, in one week! They started off so tiny and look at them now. They have been feeding so well and alot of waste, called frass, is evident in the jars. They have shed their exoskeleton a few times also! Some of the caterpillars are making attempts to hang in their ‘j’ shape, which means that very soon they will have to be transferred to their butterfly habitat! Exciting! Before transferring, they will form a chrysalis and while in the butterfly habitat, the last stage of metamorphosis will occur over time , resulting in,fingers crossed, our beautiful painted lady butterfly’s emerging soon after! We will keep you posted!

Vegetable garden


A huge Thank you to Vinny and Marie and all their little helpers, who planted some potato, peas and cabbage today. We all look forward to watching the ‘fruits’ of your labour grow!

Na boilb agus an cabáiste


Chuir muid ár gcabáiste agus fataí san Earrach. Féach



















Anois, tá an cabaiste réidh le n-ithe.

Ach féach, tháinig na boilb ar cuairt agus taitníonn an cabáiste go mór leo.

Tá an-suim ag na daltaí sna boilb agus tá súil acu go dtiocfaidh feileacáin as na boilb go luath.

Níl na múinteoirí ro-chinnte!

Ag cur glasraí (Step 1)


An t-earrach atá anois agus tá an gáirdín réidh chun planadí a chur.

Inné chuaigh na daltaí ó ranganna Naí, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 agus 6 amach agus chuir siad plandaí cabáiste, oiniúin, gairleóg agus fataí. Bhí lián agus lamhaínní ag gach duine.

Chroch muid dhá óstán na bhfeithidí (bug hotel) chomh maith.

Dhóirt Siobhan uisce orthu nuair a bhí na plandaí curtha síos againn.
Tá súil againn go mbeidh an aimsir go breá ionas go bhfásfaidh ár plandaí.

Bhí na naíonáin ag seiceáil an raibh na plandaí ag fás ag am lón, ach tuigeann na daltaí ó na ranganna eile go mbeidh orainn foighid a bheith againn go fóill.

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