November 27

Junior Room November 23rd – 27th

Just a little snapshot of the week which included the use of our new traversing wall which has gone down a treat. The junior infants are making great headway with their phonics and blending. Letter formation is improving all the time also. Senior infants are doing really well with their writing and plenty of spelling progression each week. So proud of you all!

I hope everyone enjoys the Toy Show tonight . Ironically the theme is Roald Dahl and we are in the middle of reading The Twits in class as our novel. Have a little chat about The Twits perhaps?

Did you know Roald Dahl was a spy, an ace fighter pilot , a medical inventor as well as an amazing writer! He was born in 1916 and died in 1990. His books including Charlie and the chocolate Factory, The BFG and Fantastic Mr Fox are famous worldwide and his story writing is an inspiration to us all.


November 25

Traversing Wall Traffic

The boys and girls had so much fun in PE this week. The new traversing wall where they can climb horizontally and at a lower height than most climbing walls proved to be very popular amongst our class. They had great fun trying to co-ordinate around all the various grips with lots of teamwork and trust building which was lovely to see.

November 25

Amazing Adjectives

This week the boys and girls were busy thinking of lots of adjectives to add to their Christmas Narrative Stories. They really enjoyed working in their pods to think of some ‘amazing’ adjectives! Take took and check those adjectives out. Excellent teamwork by all the boys and girls.

November 20

Junior Room – Nov. 16th-20th

Another week has flown by..where does the time go? We have been working on number and length in Maths this week again. In SPHE We all crossed the swamp by saying positive things about ourselves and when we got stuck our friends helped us think of positive traits. Good job! We enjoyed paired work as Gaeilge with our cartaí gaeilge , ranntaí and also library time connected to our theme of Books in English. Wonderful writing efforts from every boy and girl. I am so proud of you!

November 13

Junior Room – Nov 9th – 13th

This week we had lots of fun investigating and predicting as part of Science week – egg in a bottle, self inflating balloons, transportation in flowers, OOBLECK which was very messy but lots of fun amongst others . We also had fun estimating and measuring length in Maths which we will continue to work on again next week. I am so proud of all the boys and girls who are working so hard both in school and at home. I can see big improvements in reading, writing and spellings(Senior Infants) so please continue with this wonderful effort.


October 16

Puzzle No 5

Well done  to everyone who kept their Maths Eyes open this week. Maths really is EVERYWHERE!

The solution to yesterdays puzzle is Lucy is 8 years of Age. 

Well done to everyone who responded . The first correct response was from Kayleigh & Sean’s family so maith síbhse!!

One final question for Maths Week. This one nobody actually knows the answer to yet!!! But get your estimations in…. comment below.

What weight do you think Múinteoir Lisa’s baby will be?


October 16

Junior Room – Oct 12th -16th

We had alot of fun again this week. As well as many Maths activities for Maths week which included a Maths quiz -so much fun!, the children were also learning about the topic of Bia (food) as Gaeilge.

We have played cluichí cártaí in pairs  to practice ‘An maith leat___?’ ‘Is maith liom __?’ and ‘Ní maith liom___. It is fun for kids to reinforce these Gaeilge phrases at home and it normalises Irish as a language as opposed to a subject. So any opportunity you have, throw in the cúpla focal!

October 15

Puzzle No 4

Great enthusiasm this Maths week with all the responses we have received. Well done!

Have a go at this!

How old is Lucy?

Sarah is three times as old as Peter. Max is twice as old as Peter. Lucy is two years older than Max. Altogether their ages sum to 26 years. How old is Lucy?

Comment on this post to enter your answer.


Yesterday’s Answer

What a fabulous response to yesterday’s estimation task. We had multiple responses on the blog and even more in school today.

We had 2 winners with the correct answer of 74 teddies so congratulations Róna and Eileen. Maith síbhse!! Thank you to our 20 judges who counted aloud so carefully.

October 14

Puzzle no 3

Today’s Maths question is simply a prediction or estimation task.

How many teddies are in the lunch box?

All children have seen the actual size and are aware that the teddies vary in size. Just a bit of fun!

20 mini judges will count these out tomorrow morning and we will get back to you with an answer!

Comment below to enter an estimate.

Well done to everyone who worked on yesterday’s puzzle. It was a tricky one but we had 2 families with the correct answer which was 11weeks. The Rocket was half way to Mars at eleven weeks.

The 1st family with the correct answer was Aisling Cosgrove’s family and in 2nd place Ray, Alex and Chris Coyle’s family. Fair play to you all!

Correct answer or not , what is important is the discussion/arguments around the puzzle. Maths is all about language!!