June 18

✨✨Junior Room✨✨ June 14th -18th

We had such a fun Active week. It has gone by in a whirl😰 One or 2 activities were changed during the week due to weather but none the less were very enjoyable. I hope you had lots of fun at home too participating in your own activities!

Today’s trip to the beach was so lovely. We had our lunch first then spent the remainder of the time digging, splashing and a little frisbee time.

The maternity ward in class was very busy also with the arrival of 4 painted lady butterfly. We have been looking after them well, adding flowers we picked on our nature walk to their garden and also a chopped mandarin for them to sip on. We expect our 5th butterfly to emerge over the weekend. Next Tuesday/ Wednesday we will release them into their natural environment where very soon the cycle will start all over again.

Check out our photos below for a little insight into the activities .  Children have received their Active week certs and also have a small gift for dad/ grandad in their mála for Father’s Day. Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah Tyrrell

June 15

📕📕 08th-11th June 2021-Middle Room📗📗

In the middle room this week the boys and girls  painted fabulous pictures based on summer.  We also continued reading Fantastic Mr. Fox, we just cannot wait to find out what will happen next.  Will the famers catch Mr. Fox and his family……..? We really enjoyed taking part in the various outdoor activities in P.E.  We finished off the week with a Kahoot quiz.  All the boys and girls did so well and we had so much fun.

June 11

🌟🌟Junior Room – June 8th – 11th🌟🌟

This week we learned about Myths and Legends. Our focus was The salmon of Knowledge. The children responded to the story through drawing which was also our focus in Art. See drawing below of The salmon of Knowledge and Underwater Scene. Each one unique just like ourselves!

Our chrysalides have now been transferred to their butterfly garden and we are waiting patiently for the exciting moment of emergence! This stage is called Metamorphosis (the stage between the caterpillar and the Butterfly).

We had fun exploring our topic of Capacity in Maths and we also explored addition of odd numbers and even numbers. I wonder who can remember what secrets we discovered when adding odd and odds? even and even? and odd and even numbers?

Senior infants blew our socks off this week with their Léamh Gaeilge. The Junior infants were so impressed that rated them with top marks!!

June 4

⭐⭐31st May-03rd June-Middle Room⭐⭐

This week some of the activities that the boys and girls in the Middle Room worked were Fractions in Mathematics and continuing to learn more information about the life of Gráinne Ní Mháille.  The children continued to work on the Stay Safe programme.

Also, the children in Rang a Dó are preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Fabulous art work was completed.

We began working on Ag Siopadóireacht as Gaeilge.

We are continuing to work on the novel ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox and we cannot wait to see what happens next for the fox family.

The children completed a Kahoot quiz, it was great fun and to complete the week we listened to our class novel while enjoying the sunshine.

June 4

😊😊Junior Room May 31st – June 2nd 😊😊

A short but productive week. As you can see our caterpillars are developing well. You can see from photos that 2 chrysalides are forming already. We have enjoyed learning and writing about the butterfly this week also..

We have completed our Stay safe programme having learned our special rules about strangers this week . We never go with a stranger! We never take anything from a stranger! We enjoyed our role play in class based on this topic. We continued working on time (telling half hour) and we have started our topic Ag siopadóireacht as Gaeilge. Please keep up the wonderful revision of tricky words and the invaluable reading practice at home.D. Tyrrell

June 4

📗📗The month of May in the Middle Room📕📕

This is a snap shot from the Middle Room for the month of May.  We worked on The Stay Safe programme, began studying our class novel ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ and learned all about Gráinne Ní Mháille in History.

The children worked on strand of Gymnastic in P.E and in Art the children created various items based on the theme of summer from clay.

We worked on An Teilifís as Gaeilge and had great fun recapping on what we had covered in the form of a Kahoot quiz.



May 28

🌟🌟Junior Room – May 24th -28th🌟🌟

This week we worked on Data in Maths as well as number activities for addition and subtraction and telling half past on the clock .

We are enjoying monitoring the growth of our baby caterpillars. We have noticed the webbing and the shedding which is a good sign. We studied the life cycle of the butterfly in Science and learning ‘Did you know?’ facts as we go along. We also did step by step drawing and labelled the parts of our own butterfly. We finished our topic of ‘Secrets and Telling’ in Stay Safe (SPHE) and next week we will work on our final topic of ‘Strangers’. The children have been working so hard on their writing and I can see huge improvements each week.

We had a little stroll down Peadar’s road to check on our little friends, the tadpoles,  and we discovered 2 of them had transformed into froglets. D.Tyrrell


May 21

🌟🌟Junior Room May 17th -21st🌟🌟

Check out the photos below to give you an insight into our busy week. The highlight of the week was the arrival of our 5 new pupils. They have settled in really well and we look forward very much to watching their transformation from caterpillars to Painted Lady butterflies🐛🦋 before releasing them. We worked hard🥱 on our procedural writing again this week and had lots of fun putting our procedure into practice by making our Rice Krispie buns in our groups.(We were covid compliant and there was no licking of spoons!)   The chocolate smiles were priceless! 😊👌

As the weather was not on our side for PE we enjoyed some Farm themed cosmic yoga which tied in nicely with our cluiche cartaí gaeilge ‘Ainmhithe ar an bhfeirm’. We also practised our Iko Iko dance. It was lots of fun, especially the freestyle part!🤣In SPHE we focused on the topic of Touches and touches we like, don’t like and ones we are not sure of. We learned that we never keep a touch a secret. The booklets will be sent home next Thursday for this topic and next weeks topic Secrets and Telling to be discussed. These conversations you have at home are hugely important and very much embedded in the stay safe programme.

The children had dictation /spelling using their whiteboards today for a change and they all did so well. Keep up the great work boys and girls!🌟 D . Tyrrell


May 14

Junior Room ✨✨May 10th -14th✨✨

This week in Science/Geography, we had lots of fun exploring the microhabitats around our school🔎🔎. We found many minibeasts including ants, butterflies, crane fly, spiders, millipedes, worms, snails and woodlouse.🙄 The children worked really well in their groups recording each item found and reporting back to the whole class afterwards. We also discussed the various way the minibeasts move – crawling, scuttling, flying, wriggling🐌🦟…and we will continue to develop this topic next week.

As we were working on Time in Maths  (exploring the passage of time / telling the time ;___o clock /  looking at the various ways of telling time⌛⏱🕰⌚) we decided to  GO BACK IN TIME !!and became human sundials.  We discussed how and why shadows are formed and what happened to our shadows after a certain amount of time has passed. (the direction of our shadows changed – Earth is rotating so the light from the sun is hitting us at a  different angle🌞).  This morning we traced our shadows first thing (10am)and discovered they were quite long. We had planned to check the length of the shadows at noon to see if the length had changed but alas tháinig na scamaill☁ ! We will investigate again to see if our predictions are right or wrong!

In Art the children were exploring colour and shape through blow painting with straws. Check out some beautiful samples below. Everyone’s piece of art was so unique and beautiful, just like each of the children.

As Gaeilge, bhíomar ag foghlaim faoi ainmhithe atá ar an  bhfeirm🐖🐄🐑 /bainbh, bó/lao, caora/uan, capall/searrach , cearc. D’imríomar cluichí sa rang agus chanamar Sean MacDonald as Gaeilge. Leanfaidh an fhoghlaim seo an tseachtain seo chugainn le cluichí cartaí.

The children did so well with their dictation which is now in their individual seesaw portfolios. Keep up the great work!🌟

D. Tyrrell


May 7

Junior Room📕📘 May 4th -7th 📗📒

Check out our pictures below to get an insight into our busy classroom. We are continuing to progress with our phonics, our reading and our blending .We are using strategies such as chunking  to help us identify parts or words. When reading at home children can be little detectives and try to see if they can find smaller words within words. Lots of fun!  We had fun finding tricky words and sight words with our magnifying glasses and recorded these on our mini whiteboards! We enjoyed learning all about the lifecycle of the frog and practised our cutting skills as a summary sequencing activity on the topic. PE focus is still Gymnastics and we had fun practising log rolls, pencil rolls , balance and travelling using various body movements..leaping like a frog, bear crawls etc Our fundamental movement skills were walking and jumping (2 feet to 2 feet). In Maths we are all the time incorporating play into developing our maths skills- addition ,subtraction and recording of both.  We are working on the topic of time and had lots of fun doing our time challenges within the class. We are revising the order of the days of week( using language of before, after , in between), Months of year (which is a challenging one) also and will move onto using our small clocks next week. In SPHE we completed topic 1  where we explored the many feelings we can experience and how to deal with situations where we feel unsafe.  The boys and girls are all doing so well with their dictation. They should be very proud of themselves. 😊😁 D. Tyrrell


May 3

1st, 2nd and 3rd Class-26th-29th April 2021

The following is a snap shot from the Middle Room this week. We had great fun celebrating Mayo Day and Active Week.   We designed Mayo jerseys, coloured in the Mayo crest, raised the Active Flag and really enjoyed our ice creams.  For P.E, we worked on the strand of gymnastics.  The boys and girls really enjoyed working on this strand.  On Thursday, we went to the seashore, we had a great time and the sun was shining.  We stopped and viewed the tadpoles on our way, we found lots of shells and wrote our names in the sand.


April 29

😊😊Junior Room 😊😊April 26th – 29th

Another week that went by too quickly! We were on ‘mission tadpole rescue‘ on Monday, when we discovered the little tadpoles we met last week were in danger of drying up.😮  We decided to take a quick trip down Peadar’s road 🚀to add water💦💦 to their little puddle. This tied the tadpoles over until the rain came.  We have been learning about the frog lifecycle in science but this little mission got us chatting about the water cycle also!  We will continue to monitor the growth of our new friends and help them out when necessary! In PE we worked on our individual balance poses🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️ as well as partner poses. We had a brief minibeast hunt 🐛🐌🦟with our magnifying glasses. This topic of minibeasts is of great interest to the children so we will plan to explore this further over the coming 2 weeks.  This week we  also celebrated our 3rd Active Flag award🎉🎉.( See earlier post. ) D Tyrrell

April 27

😊😊Raising of our 3rd Active Flag & Mayo Day 2021🎉✨📗📕🍦

We had a lovely day today to mark our 3rd Active Flag award combined with marking Mayo Day.  To start the day, we all gathered outside and  recapped on some of the activities that we have completed over the 3 year cycle. These can be viewed by clicking on our Active flag page (in yellow) to the right here.  Together we sang our Active code and then Lucy and Freddie, who are graduating this year ,were invited to raise the flag to a big cheer. We are very proud of all of the children for their enthusiasm , leadership and for making this initiative so much fun. We look forward to continuing being Active in Inver NS and it won’t be long until we celebrate our Active week towards the end of June.

Upon our return to the classroom, the children got to watch a special video message from none other than our local sporting hero Chris Barrett.(Ex Mayo GAA star). Chris congratulated the boys and girls on their wonderful achievement and reminded the children that keeping fit is not just about playing football. It can be any sport and variety is best.

The children enjoyed decorating their Mayo crests and got to participate in extra activities  such as penalties on the múinteoirs , fundamental movement skills development and rounders.

Unfortunately the weather did not hold up for our outdoor disco but we will certainly make up for this in time.

The surprise of the day was the arrival of the ice-cream van at the front door of the school. We all enjoyed our lovely treat!!

Thank you to all the parents for your support and encouragement throughout the past few years and once again well done to the children of Inver N.S!



April 23

Junior Room✨✨A snapshot of our week✨✨April 19th -23rd

This week we had  a lovely visit to explore the seashore and found many of the shells we discussed last week. We also spotted lots and lots of tadpoles which is perfect timing as we will be studying the lifecycle of the frog next week. Our gáirdín is still a work in progress but slow and steady wins the race. In Maths we had our little shops, a book shop, a market and 2 cafés to play and use correct coins to buy items. Keep up the great reading at home and well done on the great effort with the spellings of the week. D. Tyrrell