⭐⭐October in the Junior Room⭐⭐

The boys and girls were very busy again this month.  They completed the theme of ‘An Scoil’ agus ‘Oíche Shamhna’ as Gaeilge.  They had great fun playing Bingo and we had a few groups that managed to get ‘a full house!’

In English, we studied three fabulous stories- ‘The Gruffalo,’ ‘The Little Red Hen’ and ‘Room on the Broom.’  The children also continued to work on their Phonological Awareness skills and handwriting skills.

In Maths, the children worked on 2D shapes.  For Maths week, the boys and girls in the Senior Room, so kindly offered to help the children in the Junior Room with our Maths Trail.  Great fun was had!

Fabulous pieces of Art were created from clay based on Halloween and the children brought  them home to show their families.  Also, we decorated the school windows in the Cill Chomáin colours to support our local team.

For P.E, the children continued to worked on Athletics.  The boys and girls are doing really well learning ‘Hot Cross Buns’ and Mary had a Little Lamb’ on  the tin whistle.

We had a lovely day on Friday before getting our holidays for a week.  All the costumes were amazing, well done to everyone!

⭐⭐Junior Room-September 2022⭐⭐

September has been a very busy and fun month.  All the boys and girls are settling in very well. We would like to welcome Christopher, Rhea, Amelia, Rosie, Máirtín, Reuben, Cara, Sam, Kyra, Emma and Billy to the Junior Room.

In Gaeilge, we worked on the topic of Mé Féin’ and began working on the topic of ‘An Scoil.’  The children are fantastic are reciting the rannta agus dánta and have learned their Gaeilge poem for this month ‘Ar Scoil’ off my heart! Our Lá Galeach was a great success and we really enjoyed it.

In English, we worked on the following stories ‘Incredible Me’ and the ‘Three Little Pigs.’  The children really enjoyed working in these stories in detail and carrying out activities based on them. First Class also worked on ‘The Gingerbread Boy’ and ‘Playground Games.’ The Junior Infants have worked on the following Nursery Rhymes ‘Hickory, Dickory, Dock’ and ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and we can all recite our English poem for this week ‘Back to School.’

The children are all working on their writing skills and really enjoy working on the different fine motor activities.   Also, the children are working very well on developing their phonological awareness skills.  This month, they worked on word awareness and syllable awareness.

In Numeracy this month, the children working on sorting, classifying, matching, comparing, counting, the number 1, height, width, length and ordinal number.  First Class worked on Addition and revision activities.

Our Aistear themes of Myself and Houses/Homes have been the topics that were discussed during oral language lessons.

In SESE, the children learned about how we have changed since we were a baby and discussed the meaning of old, older and oldest, young, younger and youngest etc.  They also learned about the different types of houses that exist and the various rooms within a house was discussed and the children constructed different types of houses using a range of materials.

The topic of Myself and Self-Identity was covered in SPHE and we enjoyed working on the strand of Games in PE.

The children really enjoy working on the Dabbledoo programme for Music and Drama and all the boys and girls are really enjoying music lessons with Múinteoir Angela.

The children are created beautiful art pieces throughout the month which are displayed within the school.  They will also be available to view on the children’s Seesaw accounts.

Below are some pictures taken throughout the month.


⭐⭐02nd-13th May 2022-Junior Room⭐⭐

Below is a snapshot of some of the activities the children took part in during this time.  In PE, the children really enjoyed practising the GAA skills.  In Art, the children completed summer pictures and chalk drawings based on the Altamira Cave Painting as we studied this topic in History.

In Religion, the children worked on the topic of Baptism.

For the Incredible Edibles programme, the boys and girls worked on safe and unsafe items in the kitchen.  They also worked on the Food Pyramid and completed a healthy eating chart for the week.  We had lots of fun making faces using different fruits and vegetables and tasting the food.

In Maths, we worked on the topic of Data, the children had great fun completing various charts.  They also worked on number stories using blocks and worked with Numicon.

In Literacy, the children worked on ai, oa, ie, ee and or during this time.

The children really enjoyed taking part in the Music lessons involving the Irish Polka and Irish Traditional Instruments.  We learned all about the Gospel Clap and the Late Late clap.

We had yummy hot food on Thursday, it was delicious.

⭐⭐April in the Junior Room⭐⭐

Below is a snapshot from the Junior Room for the month of April.  We learned all about April Fools’ Day, made fabulous Easter art and worked on games in PE.

We work on the topic of Capacity in Maths and we really enjoyed estimating and then measuring the capacity of different items.  Towards the end of the month, we began the topic of Fractions.  We loved working and playing with the boys and girls in the Senior Room.  We had an Easter Egg hunt and enjoyed the yummy chocolate after.

The children worked on Temperature and we discussed hot and cold.  We were also busy in the school garden planting.  We are looking forward to watching the growth over the next few weeks.

We really enjoyed visiting the church and looking at all the items we had learned about in our Grow in Love programme.



⭐⭐Well-being Week in the Junior Room⭐⭐

We had a really lovely week celebrating Well-Being Week.

On Monday, we took part in various mindful activities such as mindful colouring and drawing pictures of things that make us happy.

We also took part in some yoga activities, planted seeds for task 3 of the Incredible Edibles project and went for  a lovely walk in the sunshine.

On Tuesday, we took part in a Kahoot quiz, a school ceilí and sung songs together.  We really enjoyed the exercises with Mfitness and taking part in more mindful acitivites.

On Wednesday, we went for a beautiful walk in Ballinaboy.  The woods were fabulous and we were so lucky that the sun was shining.  On returning to the school , we had a lovely surprise-the ice-cream van came to school.

Below is a snap shot of our week.

⭐⭐1st-11th March in the Junior Room⭐⭐

During this time we had lots of fun taking part in free play.  We began working on the theme Sa Bhaile as Gaeilge agus Lá ‘le Pádraig. We are working really well on continuing to use our Gaeilge throughout the day.  Also, to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge, we are giving a certificate ‘Gaelgóir an Lae’ each day.

In English, we continued to work on report writing.  Firstly, we viewed lots of different reports on various topics.  We then worked in pairs to firstly write our own report and we then began typing them.  We also continued to work on our handwriting, reading and phonics.

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday, by creating our own pancakes on paper.  We also learnt all about Lent and Ash Wednesday and we created a Lenten Chain.

In P.E, we continued to work on dance.  We have learned some lovely dances and are looking forward to performing them at the school céilí.

In History, we we learned about how we have changed over time and we worked on a cutting and pasting activity based on this.  We also learned about Saint Patrick.

For Drama, the children took part in a hot seating activity based on what we had learned about Saint Patrick.

We are learning about planting for task 3 of the Incredible Edibles project.  We are looking forward to observing our plant pots over the next while.

The boys and girls dressed up for World Book Day and we took part in various activities throughout the day to celebrate for example Buddy Reading with the Middle Room and creating our own book marks.

In Maths, we continued to work on Money, we had great fun playing shop and using coins.

During this time, in Art we made beautiful spring butterflies, spring scenes on paper plates and leprechauns.

We learned some lovely Irish songs in Irish for Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Finally, for Engineer’s Week, the children took part in the paper tower challenge, we had great fun and the children created fabulus towers using just paper and tape.

⭐⭐February in the Junior Room⭐⭐

We had an action packed month in the Junior Room.  We learned all about Saint Bridget and made fabulous crosses from paper.  In P.E the children continued to work on the strand of Dance.  We are having great fun learning different dances.

In Maths, the children continued to work on number formation, counting, addition and subtraction.  All classes also worked on Money.

In Art, as mentioned above, the children made Saint Bridget crosses, Valentine’s hearts and cards and beautiful butterflies.

We learned how to make music from various items in the classroom, such as our copies, pencils, lunch boxes and drink bottles.

Our topic this month in Aistear was The Dentist.  We learned all about the dentist, healthy eating and drinking and taking care of our teeth.

We continued with Literacy and Numeracy stations this month.  The children worked on their phonics, reading, writing and answering questions about a piece of text.  In Numeracy, using a number line and 100 square, Mathematical games, money, mental maths and colouring by number activities were completed.

We continued working on the Incredible Edibles programme this month.  We learned about the Bord Bia mark and what this symbol means.  We also leaned about the fruit and vegetables that can be grown in Ireland.

As part of our Well-being programme, we worked on the topic of gratitude and completed some lovely activities such as our gratitude jars.

Today, we had great fun taking part in a Kahoot quiz as Gaeilge and we completed the topic of Éadaí.

I hope you all have a lovely midterm break.  See you all on Monday.

⭐⭐Fun Day for Jason in the Junior Room⭐⭐

We had a fantastic day today for our ‘Fun Day for Jason.

Firstly, the boys and girls took part in a show and tell activity.  They were given the opportunity to show some of their favourite toys or something they had made.

During both break times, a disco took place.  We had such fun and all the boys and girls showed us their fantastic moves on the dance floor.

Later in the day, the children took part in challenges.  These included:

  • building the tallest tower in 10 minutes
  • jigsaw challenge
  • darts challenge

In the afternoon, the boys and girls enjoyed a movie, hot chocolate and treats.

Finally, the children had the opportunity to play board games of their choice.

We all had lots of fun and laughter today.  A great day was had by all.


⭐⭐Junior Room-January 2022⭐⭐

We had a very busy and exciting month settling back in after the Christmas holidays.

In Irish, we learned all about An Aimsir.  Cén sort aimsir atá ann? An bhfuil sé ag cur sneachta? An bhfuil sé tirim? An bhful sé gaofar? An bhfuil sé fliuch?  The children took part in a Trath na gCeist at the end of the month.  We had great fun completing the Kahoot and are looking forward to next month’s quiz.

As part of our Well-being programme we concentrated on the theme of Friendship.  We learned about what a friendship is and how we can all be a good friend.

We began working on the Incredible Edibles programme and completed Task 1.  We examined what various fruits and vegetables look like when they are planted.  Also, the children examined the farm to fork pathway for potatoes, cheese, bread and strawberries.

The children continued to work on capital letters.  Full stops and question marks were introduced.

In Mathematics, the whole class worked on the topic of length.  Junior Infants worked on numbers 1 and 2.  Senior Infants and First Class worked on addition.

In PE we are working on the strand of Dance and we are all having great fun.

We are also continuing to take part in the Fyffes programme

⭐⭐Junior Room 05th-22nd December⭐⭐

We had a  busy number of weeks in the Junior Room, preparing for Christmas.  We decorated our Christmas Tree in the classroom, made decorations for this tree and the school tree, created fabulous pieces of Art based on the theme of winter/Christmas.  We really enjoyed making the large snowman and Santa and taking part in the walk on Friday last.  We also went to visit the crib in the church.  We were really excited about our hot chocolate and cookies in the afternoon.  It was really yummy!

The boys and girls were really busy in Santa’s workshop, checking and wrapping the toys, writing Santa letters, constructing new toys and playing in the small world area.  Bing has been busy too, moving around our classroom keeping an eye on everything.

We worked on the theme of An Nollaig as Gaeilge and continued to work on the Fyffes programme.  Great fun was had while taking part in the Kahoot Christmas quiz and we all loved learning about the birth of the baby Jesus in Religion.

We are looking forward to Santa arriving very soon and having a lovely Christmas holiday.

⭐⭐Junior Room-29th November-03rd December 2021⭐⭐

We had a great week in the Junior Room.  We are continuing to work on capital letters, full stops and recount writing.  During Literacy Stations, the children are working on dictation, phonics, phonological awareness and reading.  We are learning all about the different Caitheamh Aimsire as Gaeilge.

In Maths we are working on the topic of spacial awareness as well as the numbers 1-7.

We are continuing to work on Athletics in P.E.

The children created fabulous winter tree and snow globes in Art and we began making decorations for the Christmas tree.

The theme for our play for this month is ‘Santa’s Workshop.’  The children have been very busy writing letters to Santa, wrapping and labelling presents, completing quality checks on the gifts and creating their own toys.

We had a very special delivery this week……our elf ‘Bing’ arrived in our classroom on Wednesday afternoon.  We are all looking forward to seeing what ‘Bing’ will get up to over the next few weeks.