October 21

Maths Week 2021 Day 4

Answers to yesterday’s Puzzles

When it is 9 AM, add 5 hours to it and you will get 2 PM.

2 If you look carefully at the image, you’ll see that the dots are placed in intersection of many circles.

So, The correct answer is 12.


Today’s Puzzles

1 How many times does the digit 5 occur in the numbers from 1 to 100?

2 What is the number of parking space containing the car?

Easy math puzzle

October 19

Maths Week 2021 Day 2

Answers to yesterday’s puzzles.

Answer 1   ;  3   – The grandfather is also a father and the father is also a son.

Answer 2   ;   666+ 66+ 6+ 6+ 6 =750

Answer 3   ;  Zero


Day 2 Puzzle

  1         You are all alone in a dark room with a match and matchbox. Nearby you have 3 objects: a candle, an oil lamp and a log of firewood. Which thing do you light first?







October 18

Maths Week 2021 Day 1

As part of Maths Week 2021 we invite every family to work together to solve the following riddles/puzzles. Please leave answers in the comment box throughout the week. There are no prizes – it is all just a bit of fun because Maths is fun! Check out the blog each day for new puzzles and answers to previous puzzles.

Please remember to keep your MATHS EYES nice and wide throughout this week especially because Maths is everywhere!!

We hope 2nd to 6th class pupils enjoy their Ireland Rocks 2021 competition where they can practise their tables online with their peers through games.


Múinteoir Deborah


Puzzle 1

A grandfather, two fathers and two sons went to the cinema together and everyone bought one movie ticket each. How many tickets did they buy in total?

Puzzle 2

How can you add eight 6s together so that the total adds up to 750?

Puzzle 3

If you multiply this number by any other number, the answer will always be the same. What number is this?




October 18

⭐⭐Junior Room-04th-15th October 2021⭐⭐

The children have worked really well over the past two weeks and we had lots of fun taking part in various activities and completing tasks.  The children worked on 2D shapes in Mathematics and we had lots of fun completing different activities using the shapes.  In Religion, the children learned all about Baptism, and they created beautiful pictures.  For our Art lessons during this time, the children created fabulous hedgehogs using crepe paper and also made hedgehogs using clay.  I cannot wait to see the finished products when they are painted.  For P.E, the children we examined the strand of Athletics.  The children really enjoyed running, jumping, throwing and taking part in activities as a team.  During this time, the theme for our play time was school.  The children constructed fabulous schools, mapped their journeys to and from school, took part in role play and had great fun at the small world station.  For the second week of play, we continued with the theme of school but this time after completing the book ‘Handa’s Surprise’ we examined what school was like in Kenya.  After completing this research, the children then used this information during play time at the various stations.

Also, we have commenced station teaching in the Junior Room.  All the boys and girls are working really well at all four stations and having so much fun.  During this time, we worked on Phonological Awareness, tricky words, dictation, listening skills, pencil control, cutting and colouring.

October 2

⭐⭐Junior Room-27th September-01st October⭐⭐

We had another fantastic week in the Junior Room.  The children took part in dance breaks, practiced their handwriting and pencil control, continued to work on the theme of homes during play time and worked really well on their fine motor skills.  The children took part in different games during P.E and worked very well on revising our sounds and phonological awareness.  We also had some yummy pizza on Friday to celebrate the children’s First Holy Communion day , which took place recently.   We look forward to another fun filled week next week.

October 1

✨✨Middle Room ✨✨Sept 20th -Oct.1st

A little look back on the past fortnight in the middle room. We had the pleasure of taking part in a zoom webinar with none other than David Walliams. David answered some of the questions sent in by ourselves and other children in Ireland. He also read from 2 of his books which was really enjoyable and we got to meet his cute dog who decided to jump on screen. Over the past fortnight we have continued to work on our recount which can be viewed in the children’s seesaw folder. We had fun practising our rounding off and place value knowledge through Maths games and had lots of fun in drama with some mime and improvisation exercises. Always a giggle!! The children were wonderfully creative designing and building their very own playgrounds in Art. We had some fun learning our new mental maths games , especially IN THE BANK. Give it a go at home on a rainy day! As a little treat to mark the First Holy Communion children’s special day, the whole school was treated to some PIZZA!!!YUM!!  We look forward to an exciting few weeks ahead in the lead up to Halloween.  D. Tyrrell

September 27

Junior Room-06th-24th September 2021

We had a great few weeks in the Junior Room.  We are working really well on Mé Féin, our phonological awareness, working together to create games, drawing our homes and reading the stories ‘Owl Babies’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs.’  We also had great fun on Mayo Day.  During play time, our theme was homes.  We had great fun working on all the different stations.


September 27

⭐⭐Our first week back in the Junior Room-30th August-03rd September 2021⭐⭐

We had a great week in the Junior Room.  We would like to say a very warm welcome to the Junior Infants, all the boys and girls made them feel very welcome.  The children took part in lots of different activities throughout the week. They created games in P.E, worked on their fine motor skills, worked on their listening skills in Music and created beautiful self portraits to name but a few.

September 17

✨✨Middle room ✨✨ September 6th-17th

Here is  a  snapshot of the past fortnight!  We had great fun in the build up to Mayo Day and the big game.  Over the past 2 weeks we have  been working hard on our spelling strategies and written presentation. We will continue to work on the Recount Genre in English and already I can hear a big improvement in our léamh Gaeilge.  Lots of fun has been had using our playing cards to learn our tables and Hollywood awaits some stars that shone as we practised our drama techniques. Best wishes to our current 3rd class who receive their First Holy Communion tomorrow. May God bless you on your special day and always!

D . Tyrrell

September 5

Middle Room – ✨✨Our first week back 2021✨✨

Our first week has flown by! This week we focused on revision in Maths and practised our mental Maths addition and subtraction using playing cards. It was lots of fun. Our focus for cómhrá Gaeilge was Mé Féin and will continue to be for the next few weeks . In SPHE we recapped our class rules and how to show kindness and respect to ourselves and others. We also started a ‘getting to know each other’ activity which will be completed over the coming week. In doing so we brainstormed lots of verbs and adjectives.  Children participated in Buddy Reading, morning riddles and puzzles, word of the day  and we practised good presentation when writing. Our PE focus was basketball skills and as a special reward we had extra time out on Friday for a couple of games of dodgeball. The biggest challenge was dodging the midgets!!! The children enjoyed some fun sensory time with kinetic sand and we listened to a little bit of our Novel Charlotte’s Web to finish each day. Looking forward to an exciting week ahead as we await  the All Ireland Final!

💚🧡🙏MaighEo  Abú!!  D. Tyrrell