October 13

Maths Week – Puzzle no 2

Space Mission

A rocket blasts off from Earth heading for Mars, getting faster as it travels. In fact, the rocket’s speed doubles every week that it’s in space. If the rocket lands on Mars in week 12, in which week was it halfway there?  Heads together everyone!!


Well done  to everyone who tried to work yesterday’s problem out. The first correct answer came from Ray, Alex and Chris Coyle’s family. Well done!!

Solution to Puzzle No 1


You can see that Amy (in the red jumper) will have a total of 3 handshakes: one with Liam, one with Samira and one with Luke.

Liam has already shaken hands with Amy so he will have two more handshakes: one with Samira and one with Luke.

Samira will have already shaken hands with Amy and Liam so she will only have one more handshake with Luke.

Luke, at this stage, will have shaken hands with everyone in the group.

There will be a total of six handshakes for four people.

October 12

Maths Week 2020


This week is Maths week. We ask all children to awaken their ‘Maths Eyes’  at school and at home and indeed everywhere they go.  Can you see things that are connected to Maths? Perhaps shapes, patterns, distances, times, schedules, symmetry , prices when shopping, capacity when pouring/filling, weight when baking …..the list goes on!

We will also post a puzzle on the blog for adults at home to work on . Comment below this post if you figure it out!  Answer will follow tomorrow with a new puzzle.

Puzzle no 1



August 28

Junior infants – Snapshot

It has been such an enjoyable 2 days having these happy faces in front of me. We are all getting to know each other again slowly and have had plenty of fun dancing, listening to stories, having discussions, exercising, rhyming, playing games with numbers, sequencing and much more. You are all so unique and amazingly clever and  I am already so proud of each of you!

August 26

Back to School Video

Here we have a little back to school video for all the boys and girls.  You will notice some little measurements we are taking here in Inver  to make our school a safe and happy place. You may hear of different measurements in other schools and that is ok.  Every school is unique, just like ourselves! We are really looking forward to seeing you all!

Below also is a link to our updated Back to school plan. Please click in to link and check the ‘Measurements’ section for new information that was not in original plan. These measurements are subject to change in line with HSE advice and government guidelines.

Inver NS Updated Covid Plan


August 16

New Covid -19 page

We have a new page to the right (in yellow) Covid-19 Information dedicated to keeping everyone updated on information in relation to Covid-19 and in particular the changes that will take place in our school.

Please keep informed and check in from time to time. Thank you

June 22

End of Year Message

Dear Parents,

This year more than ever we are sure many of you are delighted to see the arrival of the summer holidays. It has been a challenging few months for ourselves , yourselves and our wonderful pupils. We have all been asked to work in ways that are new to us, alongside the added worry of the risk to our health and that of our loved ones.

We want to sincerely thank you for the efforts you have made in helping your child(ren) engage in distance learning. We know it was not easy between broadband issues, access to devices and perhaps lack of motivation. We could not have managed the high degree of engagement  without you. We know the cancellation of Communion and Confirmations was such a disappointment to the children but please God they will get to celebrate their special day soon.

As yet  we do not know what the return to school will look like, we are planning as usual but we are aware that it will probably not be as ‘normal’. We will continue to be guided by the HSE and Department of Education and will advise you accordingly via email. (Please notify us of  any changes to email addresses over summer.)

Thank you to everyone for returning school books last Friday and thank you for your forbearance during this unprecedented time.

We remind you at this time also that pupils and adults are NOT PERMITTED to use the school grounds, without permission, for insurance purposes. Thank you.

We sincerely wish you and your families a relaxing and enjoyable summer,

Kind regards,

The staff on Inver N.S.

Check out this video and take a look back on our year . Also there is a special dedication to our wonderful 6th class , whom we will miss so much!