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⭐⭐A snap shot of the year in the Junior Room⭐⭐


Below is a snap shot of the Junior Room throughout the year.  We have had such a wonderful year.  I hope you all have a lovely summer.

Múinteoir Lisa.


Junior Room June 2022


Term 3 – 💥💥Middle Room💥💥


Have  a wonderful summer everyone,

Múinteoir Deborah

💥💥Middle Room 💥💥- A look back since Easter hols


Where has the time gone? It is hard to believe the summer holidays are once again around the corner. Below are some photos from our time since we returned after Easter holidays. The children have been working on various topics in Maths such as 3d shapes, Fractions, Length and of course our number strands including multiplication and division in 3rd class. The children have completed their standardised testing but we continue to work on various strands right up to the end.

As Gaeilge we have completed topics Sa Bhaile and An Teilifís. Bhí an-spórt ag na páistí ag imirt na cluichí idirghníomhach and na cluichí cartaí i mbeirteanna. Is breá leo an cluiche biongó freisin. Táimid an tam ar fad ag forbairt ár léamh gaeilge agus tá ranga 3 ag foghlaim conas a hathraíonn na briathra go dtí na haimsire difriúl- Aimsir Fhaistineach agus aimsir láithreach. Bhíomar go léir ag foghlaim conas an t-am a insint i nGaeilge, na séasur agus na míonna. Bhíomar ag foghlaim freisin faoina réamhfhocial agus úsáíd an urú. Maidir le tuiscint, léirigh na páistí a dtuiscint ar théacs trí  phictiúir.

We continue to have our monthly Tráth na gCeist (quiz) for fun and each Friday a Gaeilgoir na Seachtaine is chosen from each classroom.

In English we are reading our novel Wildflower Girl which is the 2nd book in the famine trilogy. We completed Under the Hawthorn Tree prior to this. The children like predicting what will happen to the main character and share their opinions and thoughts if they wish after each chapter. We enjoy incorporating our novel into our drama lessons and the children have participated in Conscience Alley and Freeze frame activities connected to it. We continue to work on our reading fluency, pace , expression, summarising and our writing genre these past few weeks has been Persuasive/Opinion writing.  The children enjoyed working as groups in persuading the class of their argument. Topics included were ‘Children should get paid for attending school’ ,’ Fidget spinners should be banned in class’ and ‘Children should attend  school on Saturday’. Some of the reasons offered to support the argument were quite convincing and others very funny! Great team work and a bit of fun! We also enjoyed some oreos as they help us to remember how to get a strong argument across –Opinion–Reasons—-Examples/Explanations—Opinion (restated passionately!).  Our written presentation is improving steadily and some of the children and I were looking back and comparing writing from the start of the year and now. Wow..Look how far you have come!!

We all enjoyed our taste testing . Some children tasted fruits they had not previously and liked them which was a posiitve. Some …not so much🤣..the faces were priceless! Well done I say for trying something new! We also had lessons on the function of various parts of our body with a particular emphasis on the heart.

In PE we have had a mixture of the strands of Games, Gymnastics and Orienteering which we will continue for the coming month.

The children in 2nd class enjoyed their special First Holy communion day on May 7th  and as a special treat to celebrate the whole school got Pizza!!🍕This was a combined celebration for both Communion and Confirmation. Congratulations to all the children.

Looking forward to a productive last few weeks and of course our SCHOOL TOUR!!!! 🎉🚌⏳

D. Tyrrell


Incredible Edibles-Junior Room


Below is a snapshot of the Junior Room taking part in the Incredible Edibles programme.


⭐⭐02nd-13th May 2022-Junior Room⭐⭐


Below is a snapshot of some of the activities the children took part in during this time.  In PE, the children really enjoyed practising the GAA skills.  In Art, the children completed summer pictures and chalk drawings based on the Altamira Cave Painting as we studied this topic in History.

In Religion, the children worked on the topic of Baptism.

For the Incredible Edibles programme, the boys and girls worked on safe and unsafe items in the kitchen.  They also worked on the Food Pyramid and completed a healthy eating chart for the week.  We had lots of fun making faces using different fruits and vegetables and tasting the food.

In Maths, we worked on the topic of Data, the children had great fun completing various charts.  They also worked on number stories using blocks and worked with Numicon.

In Literacy, the children worked on ai, oa, ie, ee and or during this time.

The children really enjoyed taking part in the Music lessons involving the Irish Polka and Irish Traditional Instruments.  We learned all about the Gospel Clap and the Late Late clap.

We had yummy hot food on Thursday, it was delicious.

⭐⭐April in the Junior Room⭐⭐


Below is a snapshot from the Junior Room for the month of April.  We learned all about April Fools’ Day, made fabulous Easter art and worked on games in PE.

We work on the topic of Capacity in Maths and we really enjoyed estimating and then measuring the capacity of different items.  Towards the end of the month, we began the topic of Fractions.  We loved working and playing with the boys and girls in the Senior Room.  We had an Easter Egg hunt and enjoyed the yummy chocolate after.

The children worked on Temperature and we discussed hot and cold.  We were also busy in the school garden planting.  We are looking forward to watching the growth over the next few weeks.

We really enjoyed visiting the church and looking at all the items we had learned about in our Grow in Love programme.



The Senior Room working away on activities for Incredible Edibles


The Senior Room are working away planting vegetables and setting them in the Vegetable garden which they prepared after the Wall Mural was updated by all the children in the school. Well done to everyone involved, it looks great. Leading on from this, the children made delicious fruit skewers and enjoyed eating them.

First Holy Communion 2022


We wish our 2nd class, Amy, Chloe, Rocha, Ruby, Seán, James, Iarlaith, Feagan and Caolan the very best on their special day today, May 7th 2022.

May God bless you today and always!

💥💥Middle Room💥💥 – Term 2 – Snapshot


Here is a little look back on term 2 in the middle room.

💥💥Middle Room 💥💥March 2022


A little snapshot of the busy month of March. This month our topic as gaeilge was Éadaí. We are continuing to work on Aimsir Chaite and converting it to Aimsir Fháistineach (future tense). The children are working well with their léamh gaeilge and plenty practice at home will help this along too.

In Maths we worked on identifying Fractions, fraction and time word problems , Place value and Subtraction with regrouping . Knowing tables is a must when it comes to working on problems so again practice, practice, practice, as often and as informally as you can at home. In English, our focus in comprehension strategies was summarising, visualising, predictions  and scanning for evidence to back up answers.  For grammar we worked on compound words, synonyms, singular and plural and prefixes.

Written work is improving all the time so well done boys and girls. We celebrated World Book Day and enjoyed a buddy reading session with the little ones.

In SESE we learned about the continents of the world. Children partnered up and researched one continent and reported back to the rest of the class. We learned so much from each other and had a catchy continent song also to reinforce our learning.

We have planted a variety of seeds in school and already we see some of them flourish. We will continue to monitor the growth and transfer them outside in the next week, all going well.

Children learned about Chris Hasfield in History and also participated in a webinar with him. He also has some interesting videos on youtube showing how they do simple activities in space.  For Art the children enjoyed making their Mother’s Day jewellry boxes and we practised lots of our Irish songs in music for Seachtain na Gaeilge. The children also practised keeping a beat to John Ryan Polka using a variety of instruments. Wellbeing week and Seachtain na Gaeilge were combined this year and it was so enjoyable getting together with the other classes to sing and dance once again. In PE our strand unit was Dance and Games. Children were given the same resources and in teams they had to create their own unique game with the resources. They then demonstrated and explained the rules of their games. They were AMAZING! In SPHE we learned about balancing the food we eat and making healthy choices . (The food pyramid)

The children in 2nd class celebrated their First Confession with Fr. Joe. today (April 1st). They were wonderful and we are certainly on the count down to their very special Communion day.😊

Keep up the great effort and support at home. D. Tyrrell



⭐⭐Well-being Week in the Junior Room⭐⭐


We had a really lovely week celebrating Well-Being Week.

On Monday, we took part in various mindful activities such as mindful colouring and drawing pictures of things that make us happy.

We also took part in some yoga activities, planted seeds for task 3 of the Incredible Edibles project and went for  a lovely walk in the sunshine.

On Tuesday, we took part in a Kahoot quiz, a school ceilí and sung songs together.  We really enjoyed the exercises with Mfitness and taking part in more mindful acitivites.

On Wednesday, we went for a beautiful walk in Ballinaboy.  The woods were fabulous and we were so lucky that the sun was shining.  On returning to the school , we had a lovely surprise-the ice-cream van came to school.

Below is a snap shot of our week.

⭐⭐1st-11th March in the Junior Room⭐⭐


During this time we had lots of fun taking part in free play.  We began working on the theme Sa Bhaile as Gaeilge agus Lá ‘le Pádraig. We are working really well on continuing to use our Gaeilge throughout the day.  Also, to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge, we are giving a certificate ‘Gaelgóir an Lae’ each day.

In English, we continued to work on report writing.  Firstly, we viewed lots of different reports on various topics.  We then worked in pairs to firstly write our own report and we then began typing them.  We also continued to work on our handwriting, reading and phonics.

We celebrated Pancake Tuesday, by creating our own pancakes on paper.  We also learnt all about Lent and Ash Wednesday and we created a Lenten Chain.

In P.E, we continued to work on dance.  We have learned some lovely dances and are looking forward to performing them at the school céilí.

In History, we we learned about how we have changed over time and we worked on a cutting and pasting activity based on this.  We also learned about Saint Patrick.

For Drama, the children took part in a hot seating activity based on what we had learned about Saint Patrick.

We are learning about planting for task 3 of the Incredible Edibles project.  We are looking forward to observing our plant pots over the next while.

The boys and girls dressed up for World Book Day and we took part in various activities throughout the day to celebrate for example Buddy Reading with the Middle Room and creating our own book marks.

In Maths, we continued to work on Money, we had great fun playing shop and using coins.

During this time, in Art we made beautiful spring butterflies, spring scenes on paper plates and leprechauns.

We learned some lovely Irish songs in Irish for Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Finally, for Engineer’s Week, the children took part in the paper tower challenge, we had great fun and the children created fabulus towers using just paper and tape.

Well-being Days March 14th -16th


Well-being Days March 14th-16th

To celebrate our wellbeing in school and raise money for Pieta House, the following activities took place:

Thank you most sincerely for your very generous donations to such a worthy cause.

Mindful Monday 14th  March take place: ·  Each class teacher incorporated mindfulness into their regular timetable through a PE lesson / Art / Colouring or sensory play.

·       Seed Planting

·       Mindful Music

  • Kinetic Sand
  • Rock painting
  • Walk to beach

Together Tuesday 15th



·   Wholeschool Céilí to mark Seachtain na Gaeilge

·    ‘Together we Stand’ song – all children singing together (a few Irish songs for Seachtain na Gaeilge)

·     Kahoot Quiz Mixed teams (combination of Irish /English questions)

     * Mindful Drawing/colouring

  • Mindfulness Powerpoint

Mfitness  Exercise Class

Junior Room 12:45- 1.10pm

Free Parent Mfitness class 1.20pm – 1.50 pm

Middle Room 1:50pm – 2.20pm

Senior Room 2.20pm – 2.50pm


Wellbeing Wednesday 16th March March4Mental Health Fundraiser * & A surprise

The whole school took  a trip to Bellinaboy Woods for a walk. Children were encouraged to wear green to represent green thoughts. We are trying to encourage children to change red thoughts (negative) to green thoughts (positive) when possible. Red thoughts are ok to have but not helpful to us. Green thoughts are helpful. Eg I can’t do this (red) . I can try my best (green).

Ice cream Van treat for everyone

Below is a little snapshot of some of the activities.


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Action packed Days in the Senior Room


Go Fund Me Donation


On Wednesday the 23rd of February the Student Council made a donation to Jason’s Mam Caroline and sister Leanne from the Fun Day organised by the Student Council in Inver National School. A huge thanks to the super Student Council for organising this successful event and to all the students in the school for contributing and taking part on the day.

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