September 18

An Samhradh ~ The summer

Inver 125 Sports Day 

On the 22nd of August we had a big sports day in my uncle’s field which is near the sea.

In the morning my cousin and I went down the field to help set up for the day. After an hour we went up to my house to get some lunch. At 2.00pm the sports day began and the rest of my cousins came for the sport day.  We all went down the field to the sports. The sports day was part of my school’s 125 celebrations. At the sports day my sister was doing the face painting. There was lots of events like 100m race, egg and spoon race, three legged race, curragh racing, welly throwing and potato picking. There was going to be a long jump but there wasn’t enough time. I had a great day and I hope there is going to be another one next year.

By Padraic C

My Summer Holidays

During the summer holidays, I went to England with my sister Rebecca, my auntie Ann and my Nanny. I was very excited about going because I hadn’t been there in a long time. We were staying for three nights.


We left on a Saturday morning. My Dad brought us all to Knock Airport. It was a very long drive but finally we arrived there. We went to the café then said goodbye  to my Dad. The plane was supposed to go at 3 o’clock but it left at 2o’clock so we got

to England an hour early! My cousin, Gary, picked us up at the airport and dropped us at my Auntie Sheila’s house. She  had made dinner for us to eat. After we finished, my godfather, Viv , picked us up and brought us to his house, where we were staying for the night. We all watched a scary movie till 11o’clock then went to bed.


The next day, we all went to the beach. The sand was so hot, it burnt your feet!! We got an ice-cream from the stalls along the beach to cool down! Then Rebecca and I walked along the beach.


Later that day, we went to a fun fair that was set up along the beach. Rebecca and Viv went on the big wheel but the rest of us were too scared to go on with them!! I wasn’t going on the next one either but they dragged me on and after I was glad I did go on.


We went home and had dinner then went to Sheila’s house because we were staying there for the last two nights


The next day we were going shopping to Meadow Hall, about an hour’s drive away. First though we had to drop my nanny at my cousin Maureen’s house. I played with my little cousins, Millie and Charlie, then we finally left! We shopped for 12 hours and didn’t even get to the top floor!!


When we got home, I went to bed because we were going the next day.


The plane was at 2 o’clock so we left at about 11.30 because it was a long drive to the airport. When we got to the airport I realized I had forgotten my bag with my Nintendo DS in it so I had to wait about 2 months to get it back!!


I got home that evening at about 6pm. I had a great time in England.


By Hayleigh M

Sports Day in Inver

On the 22 of August our school had a sports day in Val Conway’s field.


There was a lot of things there for example normal running, three legged race, horse jumping, egg and spoon race, penalty shootout, picking potatoes, throwing a boot, tug o’ war and curragh racing. There was a chip and fish van, music, bouncy castle sweet and ice cream shop, raffle for prizes, guess the name of the teddy, how many marbles can you get in the jug and how many sweets were in the jug. Padraic’s cousin came first in the raffle.


My favourite was the penalty shootout but I did not win. My friend Matthew won the penalty shootout, Matthew won a running race and Matthew won the egg and spoon race. Jerry Ginty and a person from Cork won the curragh racing. My little sister Siobhan won her first race. The Inver team won the tug o’ war. When all the races were over everyone went home. That was the best Inver sports day ever.

By Padraig C 5th

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