June 21

First clues

March 2014

Today we received a very mysterious package in the post.

There were strange (but delicious!) sweets, maps of places in New Zealand and brochures about various aspects of tourism in New Zealand in the package… but no card; no letter or no hint about who sent it.

We don’t know who sent it but we do think it came from New Zealand, because of the postmark, the maps and the brochure. The only thing is…we don’t know anyone there!

Our clues seems to point to the South Island and an area named Haast or Taihaipe.

Look at our clues below and see if you can help us, please!

Solving the puzzle 9 April 2014 9 April 2014

Some weeks ago we received a mysterious package in the post. We blogged about it to see if we could unravel our mystery.

Now we have solved it! It was an intriguing introduction to an art project we are hoping to do with Haast Primary School in New Zealand.
Artist Kate Buckley, is inviting us to work alongside a school in New Zealand as art investigators. She says:

‘Special Art Investigators work to find out as much as they can about both their place and their partner place. This means you and the students from Hannah’s clearing (Haast) will have to be in touch with each other- sending things back and forth between the two places.
Special Art Investigators use the arts when they do their work- drawing, writing, finding out, acting, painting , dancing, using technology and making things- whatever kind of art you like .
When I’m in Ireland we can work together make artwork about our own place and about our partner place. But you don’t need me to start making things- you can begin whenever you like.’

Our exciting project is just beginning. We sent some clues to Haast School, New Zealand to introduce ourselves, and to see if they could discover who we were and where we were from. We sent some maps, some Irish sweets and biscuits, some tourist information, flags and shamrocks, a copy of Primary Planet and a QR code for our blog.

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