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Anti-Bullying Week


                                                    Anti-Bullying Week


On the 11th of October it was Anti-Bullying Week in Erris.

All the schools, sport groups and Youth groups in Erris were doing Anti-Bullying Week. It was to help people to deal with bullying and not to bully others. On the 14th of October there was a football match and all schools in Erris went to play football. Children from each school were mixed with children from other schools. We also did raps, poems and chants. 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th wrote poems and raps. We brought the raps and poem to the football match to perfomed theirs.

On Friday it was Blue Day. We had to wear blue and we got blue wrist bands. After big break we watched a movie called Daddy Day Camp it was really good. All the schools in Erris are against bullying.


                        By Alanna.

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