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Ar ais ar scoil….back to school


Back to school.

We are all back at school again. Some of us are in a new classroom. We have two new students in our school now. Their names are Eve and Hannah. We use the DSs now. I had a fun summer holidays. We went to England and stayed with my cousins. There were nine kids and four adults. When we were on our way back we missed our plane. I was worried. We waited another few hours. And then we took the boat!
By Ailish
Back to school

We’re all back to school again. Some of us are in a new classroom, and others not. And some of us have a new teacher, and others not. There are two new students in the school and their names are Eve and Hannah. We use the DS’s and we share our teacher’s iPad. Today me and some other children went on a nature walk and collected some stuff. Over the summer me, my Mom and my sister, went to Dublin. We went to the Zoo and we saw all the cool animals. Then later we went to see a Glee concert.

By Amy


On the 31stof August we came back to school. During the summer holidays Ms. Reilly got married. On the 15thof August I went to the Fair Day. It was a very bad day and on the 19th I also went to the Heritage Day in Belmullet. It was a very sunny day. I met Padraig, Seán and Eoin there. Summer was so boring but I had good fun. 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th are in the top classroom. Two new pupils started school here and their names are Hannah and Eve.
By Matthew

We were back to school around 3 or 4 weeks now. There are only two classrooms with teachers in them.  3rd,4th,5th and 6th are in the top classroom. I am in that classroom. There are two new people starting and four left to go to secondry school. I went to Spain during the summer and had my birthday there.  I made new friends in Spain and they were from different counties. My family my cousins family and my grandparents went on the holiday with us too. My Grandparents only went for 10 days and the rest of us went for 2 weeks. For my birthday my mum cooked some delicious food and after we had ice-cream and my birthday cake. I made friends from Offaly. The girls are called Ellie and Hannah. Hannah is going into 3rd class and Ellie is going into 4th. The first day I came to school here I did not know what room to go into!
By Alison

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