Buddy Reading



Buddy Reading

Every Thursday Rita and Catherine come into our school to do buddy reading. We all go in to groups and go reading with each other. We read all kinds of books like adventure books, fact books, funny books and sometimes we read gaeilge books. We are always sure to listen to all the children that are in our group. When we are finished we do some rhyming words. It is really fun.

Grace & Sophie


Buddy Reading


Every Thursday teacher,  Rita and Catherine  do buddy reading with us. We each have a group. Sometimes we read our Gaeilge leabhars to them. We read adventure books, fact books, funny books and spooky books .We take turns reading books. When we are done Rita, teacher and Catherine  ask us rhyming words.


Kian & Rosaleen


Buddy reading

Every Thursday we have buddy reading with Catherine, teacher and Rita. Rita, teacher and Catherine listen to us all reading. We all listen too. We read all sorts of books. Our favourite books are funny books.

We take turns in a group. Some of us go with Catherine, some of us go with Rita and some of us go with teacher. We like being in a group.

Shauna & Róisín

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