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The food we eat


Over the past few weeks we were learning about the food we eat. We learnt about lots of good facts. We learnt about how everything was first made. First there was a big explosion . that made the stars, the moon, sun and all the planets then one star exploded then that made more and more and more and more and more! Then we learnt about a little dog called Paw’s and there was a storm coming. The dog went under the table. He knew that something was not right. On the first day Maureen came we made soup. Some people liked it and some people did not like it. On the next day Maureen came she spoke about habitats and species. She gave us all a habitat or a species. I was a frog. Frogs belong to the pond habitat. We used thread to show how all the habitats and species are connected.
by Siobhan

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