Science week in our Class

This week is science week. We did lots of experiments like rocket baloons, coke and mentos explosion and the baLloon that inflated itself.We went to the shelter and we dropped the mentos into the coke. The diet coke nearly touched the roof. We did floating and sinking and we found out if they floated or sank. We did alkaseltzer pop . One lid nearly hit Siobhan. We did balloon rocket races. The yellow team and the red team got one point each.
by John and Liam

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3 thoughts on “Science week in our Class

  1. Hi, science week sounds awesome! Experimenting sounds fun because you get to blow up stuff. Did you guys get to blow up stuff? I have never done sience where you blow up stuff or explode stuff. I know a science trick you can try. You need a nail and a cup of coke. First you put some coke into the the cup the n you drop the nail into the coke and the nail should dissolve into the coke. It should work but I’ve never tried it. If it dissolves it will look cool.
    Have fun with it!

    From Jordyn

  2. Hi
    your sience week sounds really fun, it looks like you are having a LOT of fun. Did you do one expirament a day as well as your normal school work?

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