Active Schools Week

We had active schools last week. Active schools week is were we play all different types of activities over one week.

On Monday we had soccer in the morning and rounders in the evening. In the soccer my team lost in penalties to Padraig’s team. On Tuesday we had basketball and circuits and I got to the final of the basketball and won. It was good fun. We had Unihoc on Wednesday. I was on the winning tean in the final of that also. On Thursday we had some parents come in to play netball and dance at the ceile. Friday we had parachute and Zumba.

Active week is good fun and I can’t wait for next year.

By Caolan

Active schools week is a week when all the schools do fun activities.

First we played soccer. It was very exting but Eoin’s team won.It is important to play games like soccer because if you don’t you won’t live as long as you should.The benefits are its great fun and it will keep you alive and well

We also played basketball. It was very intense but Caolan’s team just about won the game. It was Eoin’s team who played them in the final. They but up a good fight but Caolan’s team just won.

We played unihoc and it was a great game. My team got into the final on penalties but we lost to Caolan’s team it was a close game.

I think active week is a good idea and every school should do it.

By Lorcan

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  1. I really enjoyed active schools I will be leaving the school this year and I will miss active schools week next year

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