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Ice Bucket


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Today my teacher and her fellow staff participated in ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’! It was for a horrible disease called ‘Motor Neurone Disease’.

We all gathered around the astro turf pitch beside our school. 6th class pupils poured the freezing water over our staff! They were sitting in a line. The looks on their faces was hilarious! 😂

The cameras were brought outside to take videoes and pictures! It was my pleasure to pour the ice cold water over Muinteor Rachel! We all laughed at them screaming.

After all, ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’ is for a good cause. The coldness of the water is equal to the pain ‘MND’ people are suffering. Each €2 is one bit closer to curing this cruel disease! 👍🙏💪
By April (See April’s Blog)

On Wednesday the 3rd of September all of the teachers of Inver NS did the ice bucket water challenge.
A few minutes later they said their nominations. They nominated, Barr na Tra NS teachers and Shraigh NS teachers too.
They do this in aid of a charity for MND and in memory of Eve and Lucy’s Granduncle and Ailish and Liam’s Granny that died from this disease.
First of all we walked down to our school pitch and brought down the chairs. The teachers changed into different clothing. They walked down to the pitch and sat down onto the chairs. All of 6th class girls brought their cold water down from the tap, and counted 123. Than we poured our cold water over the teachers.
Amy and I poured our full basins of cold water over Múinteoir Lorraine, April poured her cold water over Múinteoir Rachael, Lisa poured her basin of water over Martina and last but not least Ava and Ailish poured their cold water over our teacher Múinteoir Mairin.
If your were nominated don’t forget to donate!! 😄

BY Orla (See Orla’s Blog)


Today, the third of September 2014, our teachers did the ice bucket challenge😃! Sixth class got the opportunity to pour the freezing ice cold water on top of them! The teachers that did it were Muinteoir Marín,Muinteoir Lorraine, Martina ( the secretary ) and Muinteoir Rachel (the teacher that is standing in for Muinteoir Deobrah ).

First we ( 6th class ) got the basins and filled them up with water while the teachers set up the chairs down in the pitch. Once we were all ready the teachers sat down on the chairs and announced that they were going to nominate the teachers in both Barnantra and Shraigh National Schools. On the count of three we poured the ice cold water down on top of the teachers 😄!!!! There were soaking wet! Afterwards they dried off and changed into some dry clothes. They also donated money to the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association which is the reason the ice bucket challenge was created!

I’m really glad that our teachers did the ice bucket challenge! And after all, it’s all for a good cause! I think that our teachers are really cool for doing it, I don’t think many teachers would!!!!😀💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

By Amy (See Amy’s Blog)

The End!

Yesterday our teachers where asked to bring in some spare clothes. The reason the had to was because Ava nominated them to do an Ice Bucket Challenge.

First we brought out 4 chairs for the teachers. All of the 6th class girls filled up the basins. Paula videoed the hole thing. There was Muinteoir Rachel, Muinteoir Maurin, Muinteoir Lorraine & Martina.

Subsequently, we where all ready. The teachers sat down on the chairs. The girls finally poured all of the water over all of them.

I really enjoyed watching it all happen. But the teachers didn’t. The End By Shauna. (from Shauna’s Blog)

This morning I went into school and everyone was buzzing! The teachers were doing the Ice bucket challenge. Everyone was so excited!
When we sat down in class, Múinteoir Máirín announced that 6th class we going to throw the water over them. We we going to do it before 11 ó clock.
So we started to fill the basins at the tap outside, I had a red bucket! We made our way down to the field, where there was 4 seats set up. We left our buckets beside the seats. Ava and I were going to pour the water over miss Connolly! (Haha 😅) So the time came and the teachers were it in memory of my granny and Eve’s great uncle who died from MND. I thought that was very nice! 3-2-1…….. It was all over!! It was so funny!
The teachers were freezing. They went inside and got changed into fresh clothes. We had a fantastic day! I hope we can do that again sometime!!! By Ailish (See Ailish’s Blog)

Today most of our staff in Inver NS did the ice bucket challenge. Ava nominated our teacher Múinteoir Máirin so Múinteoir Lorraine decided to do it, as did the naionáins teacher Múinteoir Rachel and Martina our secontory. It was so funny.
We did it down in the field. We put 4 chairs in a row. All the people in 6th class poured the water on them. All the teachers got two buckets of water. They all screamed! Paula was are camera lady.😂💦💧😸
BY Grace (See Grace’s Blog)

Today at school the teachers done the ice bucket challenge. They got nominated by my
friend called Ava. 😂👍

The teachers were very nervous and didn’t want to
do it, but it was for an amazing cause!

When the teachers announced they were doing
the challenge, 6th class were first to volunteer to
pour the water over their heads! 👏🙊

All of the teachers and the students went down to
the field, while 6th class went to fill the buckets
freezing cold water! The teachers were all sitting
on chairs 😁

When all of us were ready….. SPLASH!!! Down came
all the ice-cold water! 😱😂 It was hilarious! I was
pouring the water over Martina!

It was great when we watched the video, all of
their facial expressions were extremely funny! 🙊👌

It’s great that so many people did the challenge
because it is for a fantastic cause!
By Lisa (See Lisa’s Blog)

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“Ice Bucket”

  1. September 11th, 2014 at 2:47 pm       Róisín Says:

    That was so funny😄

  2. October 3rd, 2014 at 2:42 pm       Lisa Says:

    Well done Múinteoir

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