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Today we had a WOW day at school. WOW stands for Walk On Wednesday. Today was our first day trying the project! Half of us met at the end of the Gorthbrack road and the others met up at Inver estate. My sister and I went down to Gorthbrack road and met up with the other children and adults there. When we were all set to go, Eva gave Ava, Seamus,Liam and I a banner to hold that said ‘ We are walking to school’ We went to the top of the line and began to walk, everyone then followed us 💂😋

We met up with the other people who walked from the other side of the road. We all went into the school and took a picture outside 😀.

Once we were finished we went back inside and waited for Eva to set up a giant snakes and ladders game. When she was ready, she called us out to play the game. It was really fun! You had to role the big dice and what ever number you rolled you would have to go to that number. If you landed on a number with a question you would have to answer a question about saving the environment and if you got it right you would get another go 👐👍

I really enjoyed WOW day and I hope we will continue doing this each Wednesday, so we will be saving the environment and keeping ourselves fit and healthy 🏃🌺☺️
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Today the 25 of March this women called Eva McIntyre came into our school from the An Taisce.

Today is WOW day. WOW day means Walk on Wednesday. All of the people from Gorthbrack and onwards met up at the end of the Gorthbrack road.The people that were from the estate on wards started at the start of the footpath at the church.

Later on in the day, myself and my class went outside to play a life-sized game called snakes and ladders but it was about WOW day and saving the environmen.

I really enjoyed our day with Eva. It was really fun.

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Today, the 25th of March 2015, a woman from Green Schools called Eva came to visit us for our first WOW day (Walk On Wednesday). We have met Eva a few times before but since it was our very first WOW day she decided to come visit us to see how we got on and to do some activities related to the Green Schools theme which is travel. The reason we are doing WOW day is because it is to do with Green Schools and it will help us to aim for our next Green Flag. It also produces less CO2 which means it is good for the environment and it is good exercise for us as well.

At nine o’ clock in the morning everybody met up at the two starting points for walking. One was for people who live closer to the estate and the other one was for people who live closer to Gorthbrack. I live closer to the estate so I had to Park and Stride along with a lot of other people. If you’re wondering what Park and Stride means it means if you drive to a certain spot, park and then walk the rest of the way. There weren’t too many people from our side compared to the amount of people that walked from the bottom of Gorthbrack road. We arrived at the school first and shortly afterwards when the others arrived we took a few pictures of everyone in front of the schools Green Flag.

Before little break Eva played a game with us. The game was like a life size “Snakes and Ladders” but it was to do with Green Schools and a way of getting to school while trying not to use much CO2 on your way there. In the end April won the game.

I am glad that we have started doing WOW day since it is good for the environment as well as ourselves! I hope that we can do it more often from now on!😊
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Today we did a thing called WOW day with Eva from An Taisce. WOW day stands for Walk on Wednesday. It is really fun. We went down to the Gorthbrack crossroad and walked with every one.

After that we took pictures.

Then, we played snakes and ladders. It was fun! We are hoping to do it every wednesday. Hopefully I will be there on time, next time!

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Today Eva came to visit us! We had a WOW day, (Walk on Wednesday) I couldn’t do it because I have a bad hip but I saw them walking and they were great!

Before little break we went outside to play Eva’s version of snakes and ladders but it was life size!! You had to ‘walk from home to school’ using as little CO2 as possible!

We want to try to stop global warming by not polluting the air with CO2 , so we try to carpool or walk places that aren’t to far away from where we live! We are always trying to raise awareness in our school and so that’s why WOW day is so important to us!!

If we can try to get more people to walk places, this world will be a better place!
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Today, a woman that we worked with before, Eva, came to our school! It was WOW day (Walk On Wednesday) as well so she met us at the crossroad and we walked to school. Some parents came along for the stroll and the people at the front held a banner that showed people we were part of WOW day!

We played a life size game of Snakes And Ladders out on the astro turf. It was a Green Schools edition so each time you landed on a question mark, Eva would ask us questions based on Green Schools! Some of the questions included, “What stuff do you put in the Recycling Bin?”, “How does walking to school save energy” We learned a lot!

We also learned that CO2 from cars rises up into the air and is not at all good for the environment!

That’s why WOW days exists.

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