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Building bridges (Step 3: Engineering)





















Today we were learning about bridges. We watched some cool videos about bridges and how to build them. It looked quite easy. When we finished reading and looking at bridges we walked down to a bridge near our school. There was two sides of the bridge but one was newly built and the other side was built a long time ago.

The teacher asked some questions like, “How do you think they built the arch in the bridge?”

When we got back up to the school we had to design a bridge and see whose bridge would hold the most weights. Our bridge won. We got a prize. I really enjoyed learning about bridges. I learnt a lot!🌉
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We are learning about bridges in school. Our teacher is doing lots of stuff to learn about bridges with us. On Friday, we all made our own bridges! Obviously they were not life size but using lollipop sticks, sellotape, paper and a pile of 2/3 books each side to balance it out. The space between the books had to be exactly 20cm.

In my group was Abby, Róisín and I. We worked together to build our bridge. The whole classroom was full of children huddled around each table, full of cool ideas to build their bridges.

The aim of the game was for the bridge to hold little weights. Each one was getting heavier and heavier. My group cut a piece of paper and stuck each side to the books and it stood up in an arch shape. Then we stood two lollipop sticks under it and in the middle another piece of paper rolled up and stood in the middle under the bridge. We managed to only hold two 10g weights.

Ava’s team won. I don’t know exactly how much they held but it was a lot! In the end it was just a bit of fun, creativity and learning!

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Today we went down to the bridge to take a look at how it was built. First we read a few paragraphs about which bridges are stronger and how they are built!

The bridge we were taking a look at was very old and I think it was made from stone and cement. In the middle of the arch there is a different shaped stone called the ‘Key stone.’ The key stone keeps all the other stones in places! The bridge is very old one side but the other side is more modern!

I really liked learning about bridges but I wouldn’t like to build a real one.
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Last Friday, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class tried out a new building app called “Simple Physics”. We tried it out because lately in the last few days we have been talking about bridges and how they are made. We even had a contest to build a bridge with six lollipop sticks, three pieces of paper and it had to be 20cm’s apart. We had to try to see which bridge could hold the most weight.

In the app you have to build different things and you have a money limit too. When you think your bridge is strong enough you press a button and it examines it for you to see if it is safe for people or vehicles to walk/stand on. If it’s not safe you have to try again but even sometimes when it is safe your structure will be over the maximum budget which is $250💰. It is a really good app and I would recommend it!🔩🔨🔧💰
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Last week our class started learning about bridges. We watched some YouTube videos about bridges,went to see our local bridge, used an app that helped you learn more about structure and built our own bridges!

To build our bridges we used 30cm of cellotape, 6 lollipop sticks, 3 sheets of paper and the bridge had to be 20cm long. In my group was Lisa, Jack and I. First we thought of some ideas and then got working. We made 1 sheet of paper into the shape of a bridge, by shaping it. We then added another sheet of paper around the first one so it would hold. We then added some cellotape onto the sides of the bridge so it would make it wider. We also didn’t have to use any lollipop sticks which was good!!!
The bridges had to hold some 50g weights which was a lot for bridges made out of paper. In the end Ava’s group came first and our group came second but it was a lot of fun!!!

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