My favourite article in ‘The Primary Planet’

My favourite article in this month’s “Primary Planet”Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 12.08.08 is called ” Ireland No.18 in World Happiness Report”. The article is about a report on happiness around the world. Each country is ranked depending on how happy and cheerful it’s people and country in general are. Over the past two years the UN have been carrying out this survey. According to the report, Ireland, who is ranked eighteenth, is happier than many European countries such as the UK, Germany, France and Spain, however Australia and the US were ranked higher.

Some of the top countries in the happiness report were Canada, Norway and Iceland, with Switzerland being crowned happiest place on earth. “There is no single key to happiness,” said the author of the report Jeffery Sachs. “Trusting society, having a government that ranks low in corruption, a society where people are generous and volunteering – all of these are important for happiness,” he added. At the bottom of the list are poor and war-torn countries.

I liked this article because I think that it is really cool that all countries around the world are put on a list and ranked because of how happy and cheerful the country is.

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