Cycle safety with Gerry Butler


Every Thursday, for the last three Thursdays, a man called Gerry visited our school for a cycle safety lesson with the junior room and senior room. We each have to bring in a bike and helmet but he does supply spare bikes and helmets if some of us don’t have any.

Firstly we did an obstacle course, in which we had to go through cones and on a type of seesaw. The purpose of the exercise was to keep straight and brake when you need to.

Then we played a game where he puts cones in the shape of a circle and we all cycle inside the cones, but, to make it harder, each minute, Gerry puts the cones in closer and closer until there is a tiny circle and it’s hard to go round and round. The purpose of that activity is to keep balance.

Afterwards, we played a game where there is a few of us down at the bottom of the pitch and a few at the top and then there are two cones in the middle which we have to go through, but, we go in lines and have to wait for the person on the other side to go through before you so it goes in a pattern. You cannot put your foot on the ground or else you’re out. Most people go slowly so the person behind is struggling to keep their foot on the pedal! That’s about balance as well.

It was great to have Gerry because we learned a lot, but by experiencing the safety rules. Also, 5th and 6th class went for a cycle to the beach while he taught us how to be safe and what to do in certain situations. Sadly, we are finished with him but we had fun!

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