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🌲Ballycroy National Park🌲S1


IMG_1297Last Friday the whole school went to Ballycroy National Park to explore wildlife. Our instructors names where Bríd and Ciarán. First we did a slideshow. The slideshow showed us all the things that were in the National Park.🌲🌳

They then showed us two stuffed animals. One was a badger and the other was an otter. After that we went outside to do pond dipping. We caught a diver beetle. It was a rainy day. 💦💦

After that we went inside and we looked at some things that Bríd caught in the pond in the morning. There was lots of different types of bugs. My favourite one was the newt and the tadpole. In the end we all had a great day and we went back to the school.🐉🐸🏠

The End

By Shauna


Last Friday the whole school went to Ballycroy National Park to explore wildlife and other creatures like amphibians.
We all met at school to get the bus at 10 o’ clock.

First when we got there we met our instructors Ciarán and Bríd. They brought us into the education room upstairs and Bríd showed us a slideshow about the National Park.

After we had our lunch Bríd showed us stuffed animals.
She then brought us out to the dipping pond. It was pouring rain. We caught a diver beetle, a frog, and an oarsman. Then we looked at animals that they caught in the morning. Liam and I got a frog and Bríd gave us a newt. I got to hold the newt. It was sticky when its feet walked on my hand.
It was a good day.
By Kian

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“🌲Ballycroy National Park🌲S1”

  1. September 26th, 2015 at 9:22 pm       ava mills Says:

    Wow that sounds interesting! I wish i could have gone. Missing national school now but loving St Brendans

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