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Mata agus Innealtóireacht ag obair le chéile S3


Bhí an sport againn ag obair le chéile ag tógáil cruth pictiúrí agus cruthanna 2T/3T.


Google Cardboard: S3





Yesterday my teacher showed us a new electronic device. It is called VRH: Virtual Reality Headset on Google Cardboard.
When you look into it you can see somewhere else in the world without actually being there! When you look up in real life, you look up in the headset and you can see the sky. If you look down you can see the footpath underneath you and so on so forth. We looked at the Eiffel Tower, it was like we were right underneath it!
You could see all the people around the tower frozen. I really enjoyed it. We also looked at the Louvre Museum. it was very cool as well.
from Siobhan’s Blog

Today I’m writing about Google cardboard. Google cardboard is a thing were you put your phone in the front of your cardboard, look into the the cardboard and look around. You feel you can see all around you. You can pick a picture of anything like but we chose the Eiffel Tower. You have to download an app called Street Viewon your phone first.
I wish I had one☹️
from John’s Blog 😀
Our teacher has got a Google cardboard. You put an iPhone in the goolel cardboard and look all around you.
We saw the Eiffel tower and the Louvre where the Mona Lisa is kept .
It may not look interesting but it is really cool.
from Aoibhe’s blog

Lá an Fhorógra S2






Ag seinm ‘Fáinne Geal an Lae’ le marshmallows ar Makey Makey S2


Bhí sport againn inniú ag iarraidh seinm ‘Fáinne Geal an Lae’ le MakeyMakey agus ag baint úsaid as marshmallows. Beidh muid ag seinm ‘Fáinne Geal an Lae’ do Lá an Fhorógra, Dé Máirt seo chugainn. Síleann muid nar cheap an cumadóir, Edward Walsh, i 1847 go mbeadh muid in ann an port a sheinm ar milseáin i 2016!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 19.05.53

MakeyMakey Piano S2


Chaith muid tamall ag baint triail as MakeyMakey piano inniú.


Lighthouses S3


On Friday I went to Grace’s (my cousin) for a sleep over but we had to make a light house.

Mom got us lots of sweets for the evening so we used them to make it. We used two Pringle boxes for the light house. The teacher gave us the light bulb and the battery. We got paper to put around the light house and then painted it.

We got a carboard box for the base and we painted that. We got blue stuff for the water and for top of the lighthouse we got a sweet jar.

On Wednesday we brought it in to school and everyone else had their lighthouses in too!

By Liam

My lighthouse.

For my lighthouse I got a bottle then I put some paper on the bottle and painted the paper red and yellow .
Then I put the bottle on a sweet box then I put paper rocks on the box.
Then I put a paper door on the lighthouse .

After that I put the light on the lighthouse .
My mammy helped me with my lighthouse .

The end

















Yesterday I made my lighthouse.

I used a Club Orange 2-litre bottle, two A4 pieces of  white paper with a small piece cut off, black tape, red paint, a permanent black marker, Sellotape and electricity stuff from school. I used a battery ,a light bulb and a holder, 3 crocodile clips and a switch

First I cut a bit off the two sheets of paper and taped them onto the bottle and but the battery and the light inside. After I put two strips of black tape onto the paper, then I drew some windows and a door on and coloured the cap black. I put tape around the cap and put five strips of tape from the top to where the tape was to connect them together. I then cut two holes under the bottle so the cable could reach the light.

To finish it off, I painted a small bit red and tried it out. It worked


By Kian















See our Green Screen movie about our lighthouses (by Rosaleen, Shauna and Kian).

Experiments S1 Environmental Awareness and Care


Siobhan did an experiment to show how much oxygen there is in air. When the candle burned the oxygen, a vacuum was created and the water level rose in the jar.

Science Experiment S1 Materials


Abby showed how oil and water do not mix.

Science Experiments Energy and Forces S1


Today we did science experiments 🎉✨💥

My favourite three were: the balloon rocket🎈💫 volcano and make a rocket

I also liked jacks experiment. He did ” make a rocket “. He got alka seltzer, a film canister, blu tac and water. He filled the film canister quarter way up and put blue tac on the lid. He put the lid on and shook it and left it on the the table. It shot up and made a big bang it was great !✨⚡️🎊🎉💥

From Abby

Coding with Scratch S4


le Siobhán
Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 15.31.44

le Jack

Science Experiment S1 Living Things


Today we did science experiments in class. I did lung capacity. It shows how much air you have in your lungs. I was last in our class but I was going to be best.

First you fill up a 2 litre bottle and fill a basin up half way, put the bottle in upside down in the bottle get a straw put the bent part of the straw into the bottle,and blow into the bottle.

😜 By John😜

Scratch S4


Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 00.23.42

Seachtain Eolaíochta 2015 S5



Seachtain Eolaíochta ~ Science Week 2015 S5


Today we did science experiments at school for science week. We showed our experiments to everyone in the school. My experiment was a Coke and Mentos explosion.
The ingredients included a bottle of coke, a bottle of water and a packet of Mentos.

First I got the water and put a Mento in. Nothing happened because there was no gas inside the water.
When I put a Mento in the Coke, it fizzed up and Coke came right out of the top of the bottle and when I put another Mento in it exploded again!
Scientific message is that the Coke has gas inside the bottle and the water doesn’t and the dimples on the mentos mixed with it and caused CO2 bubbles to form and when it hits the bottom it explodes out of the bottle.

I really enjoyed science week and my experiment this year👍🏻.

By Kian
From Kian’s Blog

Sophie did an amazing experiment called balloon rocket. She got a balloon, a straw, scissors and a long piece of string. Then she got the long piece of string and blu-tacked one end of the string to the wall and the other piece to the other wall. Then she put it through the straw. She then she sellotaped the balloon to the straw and let it go. It went so fast. 🎈✨

By Abby

Indoors with Augmented Reality while Storm Abigail rages outside S2


Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.59.14










We experimented with Quiver and Augmented Reality today while Storm Abigail raged outside and we were unable to go out at play time.


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