Green Day/ Seachtain na Gaeilge 2018

On Friday March 16th, everyone in Inver N.S. dressed up, either in Green for St. Patrick’s Weekend or in their favourite character’s costume. We had a busy day from the word go. In the morning, we all participated in a chĂ©ile outside. We danced Cur Brog ar an asal, An StaicĂ­n Eorna, An Damhsa MĂłr and Tar Chugam. The sun stayed out for us throughout so we were delighted! After the small break, we had Fred, the magician perform for the whole school. He was wonderful and a lovely treat for all.
Following lunch, we held a wholeschool TrĂĄth na nCeist. It was a busy day but lots of fun!

Hosanna Rock

We are doing our Christmas play. It is called”Hosanna Rock”. We will be performing it in the church next Tuesday night at 7pm. Lucy will be an angel for the play. Jason will be a star in the play.Erin will be a star. We are all practising the songs for the play. We also learned a poem for the play too. We are amazing!
By Jason, Erin & LucyNativity Wallpaper

Ag seinm ‘FĂĄinne Geal an Lae’ le marshmallows ar Makey Makey S2

BhĂ­ sport againn inniĂș ag iarraidh seinm ‘FĂĄinne Geal an Lae’ le MakeyMakey agus ag baint Ășsaid as marshmallows. Beidh muid ag seinm ‘FĂĄinne Geal an Lae’ do LĂĄ an FhorĂłgra, DĂ© MĂĄirt seo chugainn. SĂ­leann muid nar cheap an cumadĂłir, Edward Walsh, i 1847 go mbeadh muid in ann an port a sheinm ar milseĂĄin i 2016!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 19.05.53