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Junior Room Nov.30th – 4th December 🎶🎁🎄🎇☃


Another week gone by and the excitement for Christmas is truly building. We had a lovely surprise letter from Santa today and a special treat for all the kindness we see every day in class. Well done boys and girls! It is what Jesus wants us to be, just like Santa says ‘he is the reason we celebrate Christmas after all!’. This week we also started our Advent Kindness Calendar, where we try to complete the suggested kind act or an alternative one. Some of these so far include putting food out for the birds, taking unwanted toys to the charity shop and I know all the boys and girls are going to be flat out doing jobs for mom over the weekend!  We have had lots of fun games to practice our tricky words throughout the week also. The countdown is well and truly on! D.Tyrrell



Integrated Play – Junior Room – Doctor’s Surgery



Aistear – Space – Junior Room


Aistear -The Arctic – Integrated Play – Maths , Geography, History



We had lots of building igloos, polar bears and sleds from lego during Aistear this week. Some children decided to build our sleepy Polar Bear inspired by our poem Polar Bear, Bear Polar, out of Playdough as well as other arctic animals we had discussed such as the Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, Lemmings and the snowy Owl! At the Maths Station, children explored how heavy various objects are, estimating at first then checking. At the History Table, children sorted old toys and new toys. Lots of fun!

Toys, toys and more toys!!!


The children had lots of fun during their Aistear time today.  We got to explore how some toys work/move, explored the different sounds we could hear and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing and showing the toys to our friends. Múinteoir even squeezed in a visit to the tattoo parlour. She was very lucky to get an appointment as the tatoo artists were extremely busy! This week we will be looking at how toys have changed over the years., in our History lesson.


Aistear – At the Airport


 Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away!

Aistear – Transport – At the airport!


We had lots of fun discussing what happens at the airport and even boarded a flight of our own. Destination? ..The land of Integrated play !

Geography – Transport – Categorising


 We had lots of fun discussing all the different modes of transport available. We also categorised these modes into whether they travelled on land, by sea or air. Why not sing along with our transport song?


Aistear -Transport Snapshot 1


Snapshot Junior Room


First 2 weeks Snapshot – Junior Room


Here is just a little snapshot of some of the activities that have taken place in the Junior room over the first 2 weeks of September. We have been getting to know each other very well while having fun and I am very proud of each and every one of the children. Each one unique. Each one special!

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