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My Story Series


My book(s) report is about a ‘series’ of books called ‘My Story’ books. They all write a girl’s diarybook and write about a time in history (example: Princess Margaret’s diary 1939 where ‘Wartime Princess’ is the name of the book.)

All of the books are from different authors, so there is no one author for the whole series.

I have read three ‘My Story’ books so far. I have read:

‘Pompeii’, a Roman girl’s diary,

‘Slave Girl’ an a American-African slave’s diary (the best one!) and

‘Wartime Princess’ an English princess’ diary from WW2.

I enjoyed all three books as they go into so much detail. ‘Slave Girl’ is the absolute best one yet!

I rate the series 10/10. I really hope I find another book from the ‘My Story’ series.

I love these books as they make history interesting! Yes, I said it! History just got interesting.

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