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Noah’s Ark


God saves Noah’s family🐶🐒🐴🐷
Abby💙❤️💜💛💚 By Abby💙❤️💜💛💚 on Jan 7, 2016
Noah was different to everyone else. When Noah lived every one was sinning but Noah never sinned.

One day God said to Noah to build a boat or a ark for him and and his family to stay in because God was going to punish the world with a flood.

Noah worked on his boat even when people laughed at him.

God said “You can only take a pair of each unclean animal on the boat! ” so Noah did .

God sent rain for forty days and forty nights and destroyed every living thing that he had created and Noah and his family was safe in their boat

The End

From Abby’s Blog

From Eve

One day God said to Noah “I will send rain which will fall for 40 days and 40 nights. Build a boat and take with you a pair of each animal”. So Noah did exactly what God said. Noah built his boat out of barc and God gave him strict instructions that he had to build a door in his ark and it had to have 3 floors. Some people say it took Noah a hundred years to build the Ark! When he had finished God then said that he will be sending the rain in 7 days.

Noah then had to lead all the animals 2 by 2 into the ark until they were all safely on the boat. Sure enough the rain flooded the whole earth until everything and everyone was dead except for Noah and all the animals on the boat.

After the 40 days and 40 nights the rain still hadn’t cleared up so God remembered Noah and sent strong wind to dry all of the rain. They said that it took 5 months to dry all of the rain!

A little while after the 40 days Noah opened a window that he had built and sent out a dove but he had nowhere to go. After a week he sent out the dove again and it came back with an olive leaf so that mean the waters had gone down. He then waited another week and sent out the dove but it didn’t return.

God then told Noah that everyone could get out of the boat and when they did Noah built an alter to thank god for keeping them safe. Once God seen what Noah had built for him he promised Noah that he would never bring another flood on earth and to ensure a solemn promise he decided to make a rainbow. So now when we say a rainbow in the sky we should think of Gods promise to Noah and to all of the people on earth.

From Sophie’s Blog

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