Whistleblast Erris Schools’ Concert


Today we went to the Arís Inis Gluaire to preform our concert with Mary Curran and Conor Lenihan.

First when we went in we went into the auditorium to practice. All the schools gathered round the piano and warmed up a bit. Then we started to really practice. Our first song was ‘Feeling Groovy’ and it was a really groovy song. Then we sang ‘Slow Down’ – a song we composed ourselves.

After we had a little break outside but it was only a 15 minute break. When we went in again we sang Una FortivaLa Grimait is a Italian song. We practiced a few more songs and then we had a 45 minute break we went to the park.

When we came in again it was show time. It started at 1:00 and ended at 1:30 Mary and Conor played a few tunes too. People thought we were great.

I really enjoyed it I would love to do it again.😄

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In the morning we went to Arís Inis Gluaire to preform in the “Slow down” concert with Mary Curran and Conor Lenihan from the Whistleblast Quartet.

We preformed with other schools like Barnatra NS, Binghamstown and SN Dú Thuama.

Through out our practice we got to have 2 breaks and for the second break we got to go to the park for about an hour or so.

At around 12:30 Junior classes and parents from most of the schools came into watch our performance including our own Junior room.

The concert started at 1:00 and ended at around 1:40. We sang songs like “Feelin Groovy”, “The Hills Of Donegal” and loads more!

I really enjoyed the performance but I was a bit nervous at the start. I think we did an outstanding job and I think that the whole audience enjoyed it!

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Today we went to Aras Inis Gluaire to preform a a concert called ‘ Slow Down’. It was preformed in front of parents and students of Belmullet and it started at 1:00.

We arrived at 10:00 to practice. We had two breaks, one for 15mins and one for 45mins.

We preformed 6 songs 1. Kyle Kye Kule 2. Fellin’ groovy. 3. Una Furtiva Lagrima. 4. Hills of Donegal 5. Slow down. 6. Téir Abhaile Rúi.

The experience was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was brilliant. I have never experienced anything like it ever before. I was nervous before we walked on but when we were on it went away.

My overall favourite would by far be ‘ Hills Of Donegal’. I enjoyed it and would love to do it again.

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Yesterday my class mates and I went to the Aras Inis Gluaire to perform a concert with Mary Curran and Coner Lenihan. We did 5 songs. My favourite was “Téir abhile Riú”.

My instrument was a drum with a stick.

The performance started at 1.00 o’clock. There were lots of people there. Múinteior Deborah said we were AMAZING. I was really nervous. The show was brilliant and I had a GREAT day.

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Our warmup piece was Kye Kye Kule:


Today (the 01/03/16) my class and I went to Aras Inis Gluaire.  We preformed a concert in which “The Whistleblast Quartet’s” Mary Curan and Conor Linehan accompanied us.

We had practiced for  the concert by doing workshops with Mary.

Conor is a pianist and he was amazing. He played the piano through all of our songs.

Mary Curan is a woman of many talents, she can play a variety of forgein instruments; gambo etc., play the french horn, strum the guitar all while singing along amazingly.

Three schools came with us Dohooma N.S, Barnatra N.S and Binghamstown N.S. I knew a few people from each of the schools, especially Barnatra as they are the nearest to Inver.

My school and all the schools, Mary and Conor wrote a song entitled “Slow down”. We preformed our song at the concert.

The music Mary and Conor taught us was very good. The songs were; “The Hills Of Donegal.”, “Feelin’ Groovy.”, “Una Furtiva Langrima.”, “Slow Down. (Our song)”, “Téir Abhaile Rúi.” and “Kye kye Kule.”

Before the concert started we went to the park. We had lots of good fun there.

When the concert was about to start we were all buzzing with excitement.

We sang our songs and everyone clapped.

At the end we all took a bow.

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The Introductory piece was from Gershwin.

Then we had a piece from Mozart.

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