Hannah’s ‘Purrfect’ Cat

Every day after school when I’m finished eating my dinner and I’ve done my homework I go outside and play with my cat for 2 hours. When I lie on the ground he jumps on top of me. Sometimes it hurts but sometimes it is REALLY funny.
At the weekend he always comes inside and falls asleep and sometimes I doze off with him. And when he’s hungry he goes around my legs like the number 8.

One day I thought I had lost him and then I found him on one of kitchen chairs sleeping. I thought it was hilarious. I started to stroke him and then he started purring and yawning. And a few minutes later I started yawning.

My neighbour HATES him and brothers do too. But my mother and father love him. Yesterday he was trotting around with a piece of paper in his mouth. Every time the paper would go up in the air he would jump as high he could. When he lost it he started to somersault and roll around.

I love my cat SO much🐱👩🏼💗💖

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