Active Flag Update

The Daily Mile initiative is still up and running. On rainy days, however, running/exercise takes place within the classroom, so as to avoid unnecessary illnesses.

Each class is currently undertaking the ‘Active break Every Day challenge’ for the month of February. Both classrooms are making wonderful efforts to incorporate a running, dance and exercise break into each day. Check out or ‘Brain breaks’ on Youtube to get an idea of what we do to wake up our bodies and minds! A

For one week in March (TBC) ,each child will track their own physical activity, using a special chart. The aim of this activity is to encourage children to accumulate at least 60 mins of moderate to vigourous intensity physical activity daily. I ask you to please encourage/join your child in this exercise and sign chart when week is complete.
Anyone interested in helping out with supervising a skipping challenge,
please let me know.

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