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News and currents adventures from Inver National School, Inver, Co. Mayo

8th-12th February 2021


Another busy week amongst the wonderful boys and girls in the Middle Room. They had super fun preparing for Valentine’s Day and learning about the traditions all over the world and it was Ruby and Rocha’s birthday.

Some children designed Valentine’s cards and art from paint, buttons, tinfoil, pipe cleaners, beads , markers and pieces of cards. On family made flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day too.

Other children had great fun on their go-karts making a cool fort, feeding the donkeys, finding their sweeping brush stuck in an “ice berg” while others were making images from beading and out walking on the beaches. It is a busy season for calving a lambing so all our farmers in the room were busy checking on all the newborns. Now we know for sure that spring has sprung!!

For Mindful Monday they created Calm Jar from water, glue, pompoms, glitter, grass and colourful tape while reusing glass jars from their home. Mia and Emma starred on the Nuacht on TG4 in support of Chantelle Padden who is on The Voice UK singing competition. We wish her well in the competition and I know from the news that the class wrote on Monday morning that we were all watching her on TV last weekend.

Have a look at some beautiful free hand art that was done by students in our classroom. The detail is just super.

Then on Thursday evening the SNEACHTA appeared. Have a look at the fun they had in the snow between making snow angels, snowmen and snow volcanoes!!




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