💥💥Junior Room 💥💥 April 12 -16th

A very busy first week back after the break. We are learning to add using our coins and look forward to more money activities next week. In English our focus is procedural (step by step) writing and this will continue for the next few weeks. (class sample below) We enjoyed learning  the names of and examining  some beautiful shells from the seashore. We had limpets, whelks, oysters, periwinkles, cockles and by far the most popular the Tower shell, with it’s beautiful spiral shape. The children enjoyed comparing the patterns and the textures. Thank you Saraid for sharing your shells with the class. In Gaeilge we are currently working on the theme of An Teilifís and we had circle time to revise our feelings and things we enjoy in SPHE. We will commence the first Stay safe lesson next week. With the beautiful weather we had special library time outside as well as our gymnastics lesson in PE. We focused on balance poses, pathways and the pencil roll this week, some of which were quite challenging but fun. For Art, children painted and decorated a rock which will be used for our little Gáirdín patch. Next week we will visit the shore to gather another for decoration. We will also plant lettuce and spring onion and observe the growth. The boys and girls worked really hard learning their spellings during the week. Keep up the wonderful effort at home and in school. D. Tyrrell





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