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Junior Room ✨✨May 10th -14th✨✨


This week in Science/Geography, we had lots of fun exploring the microhabitats around our school🔎🔎. We found many minibeasts including ants, butterflies, crane fly, spiders, millipedes, worms, snails and woodlouse.🙄 The children worked really well in their groups recording each item found and reporting back to the whole class afterwards. We also discussed the various way the minibeasts move – crawling, scuttling, flying, wriggling🐌🦟…and we will continue to develop this topic next week.

As we were working on Time in Maths  (exploring the passage of time / telling the time ;___o clock /  looking at the various ways of telling time⌛⏱🕰⌚) we decided to  GO BACK IN TIME !!and became human sundials.  We discussed how and why shadows are formed and what happened to our shadows after a certain amount of time has passed. (the direction of our shadows changed – Earth is rotating so the light from the sun is hitting us at a  different angle🌞).  This morning we traced our shadows first thing (10am)and discovered they were quite long. We had planned to check the length of the shadows at noon to see if the length had changed but alas tháinig na scamaill☁ ! We will investigate again to see if our predictions are right or wrong!

In Art the children were exploring colour and shape through blow painting with straws. Check out some beautiful samples below. Everyone’s piece of art was so unique and beautiful, just like each of the children.

As Gaeilge, bhíomar ag foghlaim faoi ainmhithe atá ar an  bhfeirm🐖🐄🐑 /bainbh, bó/lao, caora/uan, capall/searrach , cearc. D’imríomar cluichí sa rang agus chanamar Sean MacDonald as Gaeilge. Leanfaidh an fhoghlaim seo an tseachtain seo chugainn le cluichí cartaí.

The children did so well with their dictation which is now in their individual seesaw portfolios. Keep up the great work!🌟

D. Tyrrell


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