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✨✨Junior Room✨✨ June 14th -18th


We had such a fun Active week. It has gone by in a whirl😰 One or 2 activities were changed during the week due to weather but none the less were very enjoyable. I hope you had lots of fun at home too participating in your own activities!

Today’s trip to the beach was so lovely. We had our lunch first then spent the remainder of the time digging, splashing and a little frisbee time.

The maternity ward in class was very busy also with the arrival of 4 painted lady butterfly. We have been looking after them well, adding flowers we picked on our nature walk to their garden and also a chopped mandarin for them to sip on. We expect our 5th butterfly to emerge over the weekend. Next Tuesday/ Wednesday we will release them into their natural environment where very soon the cycle will start all over again.

Check out our photos below for a little insight into the activities .  Children have received their Active week certs and also have a small gift for dad/ grandad in their mála for Father’s Day. Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah Tyrrell

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