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⭐⭐Junior Room-04th-15th October 2021⭐⭐


The children have worked really well over the past two weeks and we had lots of fun taking part in various activities and completing tasks.  The children worked on 2D shapes in Mathematics and we had lots of fun completing different activities using the shapes.  In Religion, the children learned all about Baptism, and they created beautiful pictures.  For our Art lessons during this time, the children created fabulous hedgehogs using crepe paper and also made hedgehogs using clay.  I cannot wait to see the finished products when they are painted.  For P.E, the children we examined the strand of Athletics.  The children really enjoyed running, jumping, throwing and taking part in activities as a team.  During this time, the theme for our play time was school.  The children constructed fabulous schools, mapped their journeys to and from school, took part in role play and had great fun at the small world station.  For the second week of play, we continued with the theme of school but this time after completing the book ‘Handa’s Surprise’ we examined what school was like in Kenya.  After completing this research, the children then used this information during play time at the various stations.

Also, we have commenced station teaching in the Junior Room.  All the boys and girls are working really well at all four stations and having so much fun.  During this time, we worked on Phonological Awareness, tricky words, dictation, listening skills, pencil control, cutting and colouring.

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