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Joe talks to Michael Maguire


Michael MaguireMichael Maguire and Joe

Click on the link above to hear the podcast of this interview.

On the 25/01/10 I interviewed Michael Maguire, a local shopkeeper and the post master. I asked him what school was like when he went. He said that there was no electricity, not like today when you get sent home if the electricity goes off. They had to walk to the well for spring water, this was a nice job as you could take your time and miss some lessons. They would have a mug of cocoa and a slice of bread for lunch and would have to bring a sod of turf to school for the fire. The classes were a lot larger than today as the families had a lot more children. There were no toilets in the school either. He said his favourite subject was Maths and it was all done in your head he showed me how he could still add up as quick as the till. He said when they left school they would have lots of jobs to around the house like milking cows or picking potatoes. He told me a story about three men going to buy a television. They went to the shop and the man said it was £30 so they buy it. The boss comes in later and says the TV should have been £25 so the man says he will give each man £1 back and keep £2 for himself. How much did they pay? If they paid £9 each three 9 are 27 the man had £2 for himself what happen to the other £1. He also asked me what was missing from school now that they had back then common sense. I enjoyed interviewing Michael Maguire as he had lots of interesting things to say.
By Joseph M.

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