2 thoughts on “Cuairt go dti an leabharlann ~~ Visit to the library

  1. I borrowed a book called ‘Football Skills” from the library on Thursday. I like the book but I think the skills in the book are difficult. I tried but I got none of them right. My brother said he would help me and he did all of them which shamed me. He showed me how to do every one of them. Then I got better than he did. He got shamed then and went in home. The library did a great job with the books.

  2. On Thursday the whole school went to the library. We all got two books each. I got two books one of them was called “Worry Website” by Jacqueline Wilson and the other book was a annual also by Jacqueline Wilson. My favourite book was the “Worry Website” and my favourite characters were Lisa and Natasha. I really enjoyed reading the books.

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