Going to the library in Belmullet

On Thursday all of Inver National School went to the library and to the swimming pool in the hotel. First we went to the library and everyone gave their books to the lady that works there. Her name is Katie. Then everyone looked for other books to read. When everyone got two books they lined up. You have to give the library card to Katie and then she swipes it.

Later we went swimming in the hotel. We are divided into three groups. Everyone had a good time at the library and swimming pool.

By Alison

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5 thoughts on “Going to the library in Belmullet

  1. I got a Book called BACK TO THE MALORY TOWERS, its a really thick book it has at least 400 pages. I love going to the library because you can browse through all the books you want to. I like going to the library with my mum or with the school.


  2. On Thursday the whole school went to the library. We all got two books each. I got two books one of them was called “Worry Website” by Jacqueline Wilson and the other book was a annual also by Jacqueline Wilson. My favourite book was the “Worry Website” and my favourite characters were Lisa and Natasha. I really enjoyed reading the books.

  3. I borrowed a book called ‘Football Skills” from the library on Thursday. I like the book but I think the skills in the book are difficult. I tried but I got none of them right. My brother said he would help me and he did all of them which shamed me. He showed me how to do every one of them. Then I got better than he did. He got shamed then and went in home. The library did a great job with the books.

  4. I got a book called “Alice in the Middle”. It’s about two best friends that go to a summer camp and then they share a room with a girl called Hazel. Hazel tells Alice to do everything. Then Sarah goes to a dinner with her family. Alice doesn’t want to go but she goes with Hazel. At the end of the week they are best friends again. I like this book and I enjoyed reading it.

  5. We go to the library every second Thursday before we go swimming. The books that I got were called ‘Diary of a Wimply Kid’ and ‘The English Roses ‘. I enjoy going to the library. They do a good job!


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