Reading blitz

We are doing a reading blitz with Múinteoir Lorraine. We all get our sheet signed every night by a Parent/Gurdian and if its signed you get a star.If you do not get it signed you do not get a star. When you finish your book you can change it. If you don’t finish your book you write it down on the signature sheet. You have to read the book for fifteen minutes to get a signature. If you want to, you can read on but you don’t get another signature. When we have five stars, we get a special pencil. After eight, we are getting a special surprise. We get a homework pass after ten stars and a badge after twelve.
We like reading with our Parents/Guardian. Reading is our favourite hobby and if you like reading then get out there and start reading. For example you could read JK Rowling, Jaquiline Wilson, Jeff Kenny, Tanya Landman, Hollly Web because we like them. And there’s lots more books you can think of.


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