What’s in the news?

What’s in the news in Ireland? (16 April 2012)

This is the submission from the students in Inver National School to their Learning Circles Project.

(Developing an understanding that news headlines vary with location and national interests)




What’s in the news?
The flu outbreak at Nazareth House nursing home in Buncrana Co. Donegal has been declared over by the health service.
Seven elderly residents at the Co. Donegal home died, as a result of the outbreak. I feel sad that so many elderly died from the same nursing home.

A new survey outlines the financial hardships householders are facing on a daily basis.
The study by the Irish League of Credit Unions shows the disposable income of thousands householders remains under severe pressure.
Almost half of the people that were served said they are left with €100 or less at the end of the month after paying essential bills. I feel that people are just working to pay bills and to feed themselves.

Mayo were playing Kerry on Sunday in our Gaelic Football League semi final. Mayo won the score was 1:17 to 2:15. It was an outstanding game. Mayo played class, Connor Mortimer scored 5 points in a row and they were the first points that Mayo got. I hope that Mayo win the cup. I think that Mayo played outstanding and that they deserve to win the League       (by Eoin)

A us coastguard has called off a search for two Irish when a wave sweped them off the boat they were travelling on.

On Sunday afternoon Mayo played agginst Kerry the match was very intresting and it went into overtime. In the end mayo won and I was very pleased.

Two women diedin co. Tyron when there kitchen burst into flames. I feel very sorry for their family.

By Erin

Mayo  beat Kerry in the alliance semi- final the score was 2-15  1-17 it went in to extra-time. Bryan Sheehan almost put in to a replay.

By Seamus


The space shuttle Discovery made its final voyage today.The United States retired its space shuttle last year after finishing construction of the $100 billion International Space Station to begin work on a new generation of spaceships that can carry astronauts to destinations beyond the stations 384km high orbit.

By Padraig C

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