Nature Walk.

On Thursday last week we went for a nature walk. We saw lots of things like blackberries, rosehips, nettles, sycamore trees, oak trees, apples growing on trees and ferns. We had to wear wellies because there were big puddles half way down the road. We heard the birds singing, and the water splashing. We picked alot of them things that we saw and brought them back to the school to press. When we got back to the school the smaller class had put fake spiders and a few stones into the teachers shoes, it was very funny but we want to get them back! And trust me we will. When we get the time! Here is a picture of us and things we saw:

By Ailish and Lorcan!

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9 thoughts on “Nature Walk.

  1. Hello,
    I love to go for nature walks and I love how you described the birds singing and the water splashing and were did you go for the nature walk?

    From Reihana

  2. hello Mitchell from broadlands school that must of been a great walk but here is a Question where did you do the nature walk at?

  3. Hi
    That sounds like alot of fun.
    I wish that I could go on an nature walk. It sound slike fun and so peaceful.
    How many times have you been on a nature walk.

  4. Hi Reihana
    Our names are Orla & Lisa. The nature walk was great fun and I’m sure you would like it too. We heard the birds singing and the flowers were so nice. We went out our gate and went down the road a bit and turned to the right so that is where we went.
    See you soon from Orla & Lisa Bye 🙂

  5. Hi Cody,
    We also found Fuchsia. It is a type of flower. It is very fun going for a Nature Walk finding diffrent types of flowers, trees and plants. Maybe you will go on a Nature Walk sometime.
    Seamus and Amy

  6. Dear Mitchell,
    We went for a nature walk down by the sea near our school. There’s a nice pathway down to the shore and we found lots of differant trees and plants. We were also looking for signs of Autumn and we found lots of things. Everyone in the class enjoyed it. Cant wait to hear from you again.

    Sophie and Grace

  7. I would love to go on a nature walk that would be fun. Did you have a class picnic?:)
    From Charlotte

  8. Hi

    A Nature walk sounds awesome. We have some questions where did you walk to and were the berrys in the photo eatable?

    From Jordyn and Alyssa

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