Science experiments: Fingerprints and Footprints

Last Friday, we presented our experiments to the younger students in our school. My experiment was “Fingerprints and Footprints”.
First, Alsion shone the sole of Liam’s shoe. Then he pressed his shoe down on a sheet of paper. You couldn’t see his footprint. I dusted the sheet of paper with special magnetic powder. Then I held up the sheet and, like magic, you could see the footprint.

Ailish and Niall took Danny and Ava’s fingerprints. You could see the pattern of their fingerprints. The patterns are usually arches, loops or whorls.

Niall, Alison and Ailish were in my group. Did you know that Gardaí use fingerprints in crime scenes and sceintists take them to the lab to analyse them?

By Kian

Dusting for footprints 1 from SN an Inbhir on Vimeo.

Science Week
On Friday 3rd, 4rt, 5th and 6th class did some science experiments. We did them for the younger students. There were five experiments: The Volcano, How Strong are egg shells, Finger prints and Foot prints, Car Balloon race and Alien in the kitchen. The Volcano people and car balloon race people also did an extra experiment: Base and Acids and Melting a hard boiled egg.

I was doing the finger prints and foot prints with Niall, Ailish and Kian. We took Liam’s footprint and Ava and Danny’s fingerprint. Then after the science experiments we took all the small ones fingerprints.
Our experiment went great and the rest of them did too. I felt good as well. It was a great experiment to do and I really enjoyed that day.

By Alison

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3 thoughts on “Science experiments: Fingerprints and Footprints

  1. Hi Alison
    your sience projects sound really fun! I hope they are very awsome. I think that it is a very good idea to do sience expirements. How long did it take to do all of your sience expiriments? Did it take the whole day?

  2. Hi,
    That would be so cool if we got to brush for foot prints…….. I just asked my teacher and she said that our class could do it. But what is special magnetic powder?
    Wow thanks for doing that post now our class can do it and we will do a post and tell you how it went.

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