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Our Favourite Stories


Monty’ s Journey .

My story is about a mouse who went on a journey.

He fell out of the package .

He got on a train and hid in a man’s pocket.

When he got to the man’s house he was chased by a cat.

In the end he got back to his family.

By Aoibhe

A queen had a baby.
She loved her. She named her Rapunzel .
She had lovely golden hair. One night a witch took Rapunzel to a castle.
She locked Rapunzel up. A prince came. He saved her . He brought her outside. She loved it . They went to a forest. The witch found Rapunzel . She locked Rapunzel in the castle again . Then the prince brought her home . They had a party.

By Eve

Monkey puzzle
This story is about a monkey . He had lost his mum.
Then he found a butterfly . He knew the butterfly was too small to be his mammy.
Next he met an elephant. He knew the elephant was too big to be his mammy .
Next he met a snake. He knew the snake was too thin too be his mammy.
Next he met a spider. He knew the spider was too fat too be his mammy.
Next he met a parrot. He knew the parrots beak was too big too be his mammy .Next he met a frog.He knew the frog was too slimy to be his mammy.
Next he met a bat. He knew the bat was too fast too be his mammy.
At the end he found his mum and he was very happy.

By Hannah

Hairy Maclary
One day there was a cat club on. There were all kind’s of cats . There were
fat cats,thin cats,all kinds. Hairy maclary pulled and pulled and tried to snap
his lead. Then snap….. his lead broke. A man and a women tried to catch him.
He slid under the table. He jumped over chairs .He ran under legs and jumped
down the stairs and knocked flags and piled belongings. He
slid every where. Then he went chasing after cats. He was almost at the door of the cat club when he turned and knocked all the cat cages!

By Seán

Once upon a time the was a girl called Cinderella. She lived in a house with her mother sisters and dad. She had to do all of the housework and her step sisters did not have to do anything. Cinderella never went anywhere with her sisters. But one day Cinderella was reading the post and one letter said.”Wanted! wife for prince. A ball for everyone at 8 o clock” Cinderella called her sisters. ” I’m going ” no I’m going ” they said together . ” Can I come ? Cinderella asked. “NO” their sisters shouted. It was the time for her sisters to go to the ball ” Haha Cinderella is not coming ” her sisters whispered. Cinderella started to cry and her fairy godmother appeared ” Who are you?” she sad sadly ” your fairy godmother. I am here to help why are you crying?” she cried ” well my sisters said I can’t go to this ball that they are going to and anyway I have nothing ready I wish I had a horse and carriage and a wonderful new dress” she sadly said ” ok get me a 2 mouses a pumpkin and I can make them into whatever you wish” she said confidently Cinderella quickly ran to get everything . ” But Cinderella be back by midnight” Cinderella got to the ball. The prince took one look at Cinderella and suddenly asked her to dance . The time went quickly for Cinderella it was 5 mins to 12’o clock. Cinderella quickly ran out of the ballroom and her shoe fell off. The prince picked up the glass slipper Cinderella left after her. The clock struck 12 and Cinderella had to walk home. The next day the prince went to every house in the land trying to find the perfect fit. He got to Cinderella’s house and said ” can I try this shoe on you and anyone else in this house please?” the prince said sadly. ” yes ” her sisters said. Her sisters were first. They tried to squeeze it on but it did not work. The prince asked “is there anyone else?” Cinderella ran down the stairs to see who was there. The prince asked Cinderella could he try it on her. She agreed. Cinderella sat down and the prince tried it on her. “The perfect fit” he said. Soon the prince and Cinderella were married and all was well.

By Siobhan

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“Our Favourite Stories”

  1. October 15th, 2013 at 10:43 am       Sophie Says:

    I love all of your stories. I would love to write them myself.

  2. October 15th, 2013 at 10:45 am       Róisín Says:

    I love your stories guys. They’re really nice. Did it take days to do it? Well Done!!!

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