Seachtain Eolaíocht

Science week

For science week we did lots of experiments about water because we are trying to get our third green flag. We did floating and sinking. We learnt that you can make things float by giving them a bigger surface area.We also learned to see how much air is in our lungs. Siobhan had the most air in her lungs because her breath blew out the most water in the bottle. Yesterday we did an experiment. We found out that water and oil don’t mix. Oil likes to play with his oily friends and water likes water more than oil. A special ingredient in fairy liquid likes to play with oil and water and pulls them together. Today we did a balloon race. When the air was escaping it forced the balloon forward. Foireann buí won the race. It was really fun. We also did an experiment called alkazelser pop! you put the tablet alkazelser and water into a tube and it made carbon dioxide. There was not enough room in the container for all the carbon dioxide and it soon went POP!! All the experiments we did were very fun.
By Hannah – Rang a haon 🔬

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