Health and fitness announcement from the North Pole – Fógra sláinte ón bPol Thuaidh


As part of a new health and fitness programme for the reindeers, Santa has requested that, this year, children would leave out special reindeer food for the reindeers on Christmas Eve. This food is, of course, highly magical but, in this instance, it is also very healthy. It forms part of the new special healthy diet for reindeers in the North Pole who, unfortunately, have not been eating so healthily in recent months. So, management in the North Pole suggest very strongly that everyone should leave out at least one sachet of this special reindeer food to help the reindeer have enough energy for their arduous journey around the whole world.

SN an Inbhir, has been specially chosen as one of the few schools in the country who can supply this food, because of its track record with keeping fit and healthy eating. Because we are currently working so enthusiastically towards our third Active Schools flag, we have been deemed worthy of this great honour!

If you would like to join our campaign to keep the reindeers fit and healthy for their big night, please buy at least one packet. They are for sale in local shops, through the school at only €3 each. Mail orders can be placed by cheque, credit card or chimney post (+P&P) to SN an Inbhir, Barr na Trá, Béal an Athá, Co. Mhaigheo, Ireland or by phone to +353 (0)97 84532.

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One thought on “Health and fitness announcement from the North Pole – Fógra sláinte ón bPol Thuaidh

  1. Hi
    I would like to buy 3 bags of your reindeer food please and I hope you sell a lot because I know reindeers love to eat.
    Red Connolly

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