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Susan’s Visit


Today a lady called Susan came to our school to talk about a bird called “The Twite.” It was very interesting.
First we put the chairs in a circle, and we decided who was going to be on team management. It was Liam, John, Seamus and Kian on the team. They picked Lisa and I take take pictures & notes of all the plants! Some others for the plot sheet and Amy wrote down the names of all the birds we saw, and April Ava and Orla had binoculars.
Then we set up the plot outside called a quadrat and we measured a metre and tied a knot at each corner. We counted all the flower heads and grasses.
After that we went inside and did some art, using different materials. Our art had to have the twite in it. I did the sea and cliffs with the twite on cliff. Everyone’s art was great.

I really enjoyed my day and can’t wait for Susan’s next twites!

FYI- Mayo is twite capital. 🙂 🙂

By Ailish


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